Thursday, November 08, 2007


I got a call I was dreading today: it was the doctor's office, telling me that I failed the one-hour glucose screening test, which screens pregnant women for gestational diabetes.

This means I have to go in tomorrow for the three-hour glucose tolerance test, which is (obviously) more thorough. With the one-hour test, I just drank this (vile, foul, putrid) sugar-filled beverage and then they drew my blood an hour later to see how my body was processing the sugar. (Not well, apparently.)

With the three-hour test, I have to fast from 10 p.m. tonight and then go in at 8:40 tomorrow morning. They will draw my blood upon arrival to get a baseline fasting glucose number, then make me drink an even stronger version of the (vile, foul, putrid) sugar-filled beverage. Then they'll draw my blood every hour for three hours. Those results will give them a much more comprehensive idea of how my body is processing the sugar.

I've had a couple of people tell me that they were really sick after the three-hour test. I'm pretty nervous about it...I hope I can make it through the day and then through the evening as well. There are all kinds of events surrounding the barista competition, and they begin tomorrow, so I definitely don't want to be feeling like crap.

I (obviously) don't want to have gestational I really, really, really hope I pass tomorrow's test.


No update on the moped. :( Brett's bummed, I'm bummed, but we'll live, of course. We've both kissed it goodbye, pretty much.


Isabel said...

GOOD LUCK with the test and GOOD LUCK to Bret!

Rachel said...

Good luck! The wife of my coworker has GD. She didn't have to change her diet too much, just the timing of when she eats. Hopefully if you do have GD, you will be in a similar state. Of course, I really hope you don't have it.