Sunday, November 18, 2007

A few of my favorite blogs

I read a lot of blogs semi-sporadically, but there are definitely a few I always find myself coming back to. So I'll tell you about five of my favorites and why I like them. Maybe you'll find something new to read and enjoy!

1. Hola, Isabel -- I am not sure how Isabel (her online persona name) and I first found each others' blogs. It was most likely through each others' comments on Amalah a few years back. I was living in Maine, she here in Seattle, and we just started reading each others' sites, the city of Seattle providing that initial link. Then, when I came back here and began working downtown, we started meeting up for lunch. Now we see each other for lunch maybe once a month or so. It's really fun! We never run out of things to talk about and often wind up looking at the time and having to jump up and run back to work, 10 minutes late. Anyway, her blog is always interesting; Isabel can make a post about the most run-of-the-mill thing interesting. One thing I love about her -- Isabel asks her readers questions. That interaction is great; it turns this monologue into a dialogue.

2. Frema -- I found Frema through Isabel, actually, and started reading regularly during the Tragic Love Friday series, a serial wherein Frema posted the soap opera-esque story she'd written as a young teenager. I remember one day I was bored and spent literally hours reading all the back TLF posts. From then on, I was hooked and would check the site obsessively on Fridays for the latest installment. It's not only funny, but really well-written for someone who was, at the time of writing it, in her first year or two of high school. Then, although TLF (tragically) came to an end, Frema got pregnant and is due only a few weeks before me, so it became fun to read her blog to get another perspective on pregnancy from someone a few weeks ahead of me. I enjoy Frema because I identify with a lot of what she writes about, whether it be pregnancy, her adolescence (as displayed to all through TLF), marriage, writing, or life.

3. Miss Doxie -- I think I found Miss Doxie through the Snarkies, but I can't remember for sure now. Although Leigh (Miss Doxie herself) doesn't post super-often, when she does, her posts are so hilarious and well-written that I often find myself in fits of laughter. Whether posting about her three Dachshunds (hence the name Miss Doxie), her family, her crazy lawyer job, or her childhood, I can't get enough of Leigh's hilarious stories and fantastic writing.

4. Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters -- I found this site through my good friend C over at This Sorta Fairytale. It's a site for all things infertility- and pregnancy-loss-related. It was a very valuable resource to me in the days after my miscarriage, and I still enjoy checking in there. Melissa, who runs the site, has turned it into so much more than a blog -- it's really a community touchstone for those who have struggled with infertility, pregnancy loss, or some derivative.

5. The Amazing Adventures of Overshare -- Again, I can't remember exactly where I found this site but I believe it was through the Snarkies. It's the blog of an anonymous woman (aptly named Anonymous) who works with the most obnoxious coworker ever, otherwise known as Overshare. It's hilarious, and over the top, and so much fun to read, mostly because it's just so hard to believe that someone (Overshare) can be so incredibly unaware of social conventions. Plus, Anonymous has a knack for writing the stories in a dry, humor-filled way that will keep me coming back for more and hoping that Overshare keeps on oversharing for a long time to come.

I hope that gives some of you something new to enjoy!

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Isabel said...

I've never heard of the Overshare blog...but I'm off to read it.

Thanks for the kind words about me and for a new blog to read!