Tuesday, November 13, 2007

fragments: dreamy, dizzy, video

I had a dream about the baby last night. It was the first dream in which the baby was a normal baby, and not, like, a cat or a Barbie or something.

It was a boy, and he had red hair, and he was adorably chubby, and so snuggly, and the boy name we have chosen fit him perfectly. (No, we're not telling the name before He/She is born. Sorry!) It was a nice dream.

The only weird part of the dream was that I couldn't remember any of the labor and delivery, and I kept asking Brett and my mom about it, but they wouldn't/couldn't tell me either. Strange.


I'm feeling really lightheaded and dizzy these days. It's freaking me out. I talked with my doctor about it last week, and she said that dizziness during pregnancy is really common, and to just make sure I'm hydrated and that I'm eating regularly.

I've been really conscious of hydration and eating since she said that, but I'm still having semi-regular dizzy spells -- at least one or two per day.

I notice them most when I'm at my desk, on the bus, and especially in bed at night. Every time I lie down I am dizzy -- especially when I roll over from one side to another. Plus, last night, Brett and I were watching TV (I was propped in a semi-reclining position), and all of the sudden the room just started spinning out of the blue. It was really disconcerting.

Is this just normal, or am I weird? I'm definitely planning to mention it to my doctor again (I have another appointment in a week) but it's just a little freaky to get intense vertigo without any warning. I don't like it!


And finally, there's video up here of Brett's performance on Saturday, if anyone is interested. He's still riding high on the ego wave -- someone came into the roastery yesterday with a poster and asked Brett to sign it. HAHAHA!

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