Wednesday, November 28, 2007

giving this a try...

Our internet at home has been really wonky the past couple of days, so I am going to give this post my best try. I hope it works!

I felt totally nasty all day today, so I left work early and came home and slept most of the afternoon. I feel a little better now, thankfully, and hope that the morning brings more improvement.

I had a huge hormonal pregnant lady moment in the drugstore today, though. I stopped on my way home from work to buy kleenex with lotion in it, because I'd been blowing my nose on cheap toilet paper and industrial-strength kleenex all day and my nose was completely raw. Well, of course, the drugstore didn't *have* kleenex with lotion in it. They had a ton of the industrial-strength kind, but that was about it, because in the section marked "facial tissue," was instead a giant display of Christmas wrapping paper.

I got really upset and started yelling at one of the employees, who turned out to be the manager. I feel bad now that I yelled at her, but geesh, come on!! You're a freaking pharmacy, it's cold season, and the only kleenex you have is the $0.89 per box kind?!? Do that many people really need that much wrapping paper that you would not carry the decent kind of kleenex? Apparently not.

There's basically no point to my rant here, other than the fact that it really pissed me off and now I sort of feel bad for being mean, except I do think that it's dumb they didn't carry more kleenex.

Otherwise, the only big thing going on is that tomorrow at 4:15 we have the ultrasound. I'm both excited and nervous, that's for sure. Excited to see the baby again, nervous that something is wrong since He/She is so ginormous. But I'm trying not to think about the nervous part and just focus on how excited I am to see He/She again!

Ok, I gotta get my sick self back to bed now...I'm going to try to post this; hopefully our internet works!

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DMB ( said...

Hope you feel better soon and that the ultrasound goes well!!