Thursday, November 15, 2007

just when you thought I was done talking about this...

Not to continue beating a dead horse with more talk about Coffee Fest and the NWRBC, but Brett called me this morning and told me to go look at Barista Magazine's blog entry about last weekend.

He told me to scroll down about halfway -- and, sure enough, there's a photo of him making drinks at the volunteer-staffed espresso machine in the competition area.

And, of course, he is wearing his ridiculous Meat Loaf t-shirt, one of his beloved thrift store finds that I pretty much hate but he thinks is, and I quote, "badass."

After I saw his picture and the mention of his "delicious macchiatto" and expressed the appropriate excitment that he was pictured on the blog, he said, "You should totally make this your blog post for today."

His ego, it is huge. *sigh* Maybe it will return to reasonable proportions once he experiences his first day of going to work and realizing after he gets there that he has, like, spit-up or baby poop on his pants or something. :p

1 comment:

Isabel said...

Tell Brett to not let his meat loaf.


(he's so cute. I love how excited he is about all of this!)