Wednesday, November 07, 2007

not the post I wanted to write today

For that matter, it's not a post I want to write any day.

Brett called me from work around 9 a.m., and it looks like his moped's been stolen. It was locked up there overnight and he didn't notice it was gone when he first got to work this morning, but he went outside around 9 and it was just...not there. He had locked it to a metal staircase and there is no trace of his bike or of his lock.

Pardon my language, but this is really, really shitty.

Stolen mopeds are almost never found. While mopeds should be registered in Washington (and Brett's is), they are not insured. The cops don't seem to care when they get stolen.

It's funny, because when you make a police report for stolen mopeds, the police are nearly non-responsive about it all. Our friends Caleb and Marci had their mopeds stolen about a year ago. The cops came and took a report and basically said, "Yeah, good luck with that." (Marci later found Caleb's moped dumped in someone's driveway as she was walking the neighborhoods a few days later. Hers was never recovered.)
The irony is that when we are out riding around, we seem to get pulled over all. the. time. and peppered with questions about our bikes because the cops are supposedly afraid they're stolen. BWUH? It makes no sense. What I want to know is this: Where are those cops when our (legitamately owned and registered) bikes are actually stolen?

Anyway, it's a huge bummer for Brett and me, not only because it's a fantastic bike that has served him well (it's been really reliable, which is rare in a moped) but also because of all the chaos happening this week with regard to the barista competition. He really needs to be able to put all of his attention and focus into the competition, so it just blows that this happened now. Not to mention the fact that this week is going to be insane and he's really going to need reliable transportation to get everywhere he needs to go.


Like anything crappy, we'll just deal with it. And I know, the moped is just a thing, a possession, and there are more important things in life. But this moped was special to him -- it was a gift from some good friends in another moped branch after Brett brokered the purchase of a batch of mopeds for them and then drove the mopeds from Maine to New Jersey.

Oh, well. I just keep telling myself there's not much anyone can do in this situation. If I had a car, I'd be driving around the area right now, passing out fliers with the bike's photo on it, but I don't have a car and I'm at work so I am just blogging about it instead. Meh.

So, Seattleites -- while I'm not holding my breath that it will actually happen -- if you see this bike around town (or on Craigslist, although I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to put it there) please let me know. We're both pretty much at the point where we've written it off as a loss, but miracles can happen when you least expect them, I suppose. That's what we hope, anyway. Until then, goodbye Magnum. You were a good bike.


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