Thursday, November 29, 2007

QWest sucks

Hi! This is Kathleen's Mom. Kathleen is dictating this post over the phone because her Internet at home is not working. She had her ultrasound today and will post details tomorrow. Suffice it to say she is growing one big baby.


Isabel said...

I've been dying to hear how it went.


(also, your mom is awesome for doing this for you!)

keewee said...


Here are the problems Ive had with Qwest since transferring a service to a new address:
1. Told by Qwest new phone would be on Friday 17 September 2008 at 8 am and internet at 1pm and a referral would be on old phone number.

2.Friday comes and goes and I don't have service. Its Friday night when I get home and find out I don't have service but I cant call Qwest to find out why my service isn't on-they arent open weekends. On Monday I'm told representative came out and couldnt get in house. I tell them that when I hooked up service I was specifically told that I did not need to be in my new home for service to be on. I do apoligize maam. Im so sorry. ETC ETC! Time consumed: 1.5 hours.

3.Qwest rushes to have a rep come out because they are so sorry. Hahahahaha. No-they take another week to come out to my home. I stay home from work on the special day to get my phone hooked up. You need to be home the whole day b/c Qwest won't tell you something like "We'll be there at 1." Only "We'll be there sometime in the afternoon."

4. Service/Repair rep comes out to new house and hooks up phone. Never needs to get inside the house (which means they were bullshitting before) checks line and says its working fine. Another couple of hours and a blown vacation day.

5. Outgoing long distance calls on my line which repair rep checked so throughly are being routed to a qwest chat line service center. Incoming calls are going to a modem.

6. Call and tell tech representative and a supervisor in Utah about my problem with incoming/modem problem and outgoing calls. Rep doesn't believe me. I speak to a supervisor who doesn't believe me until I get him to put me on hold and call my home to hear the modemish sound. He calls so has to admit I'm right but then absolutely insists I have a modem hooked up in my house. Either a fax machine or something else. I am living in an empty house, so know this is not true. He insinuates I am a stupid liar. I beg him to believe me that I do not have a fax. Told he will have a service rep come out again but that I will be charged if it is my fault and I have a modem hooked up. Transferred to another department to handle outgoing call issue. Told long distance service from old phone not transferred but I should be able to make calls by monday. Another few hours and a couple of insults. I ask for a supervisor call back because of all of the problems Im having. It never happens.

7. Old phone service at old address still on. Call Qwest and ask whats going on. They tell me a rep came out to my old address and couldnt turn it off, but they'll get it handled and credit me. Another half hour blown.

8. Repair rep comes out to new house again to correct the mystery modem sound and static on line. Another day I have to stay home. Rep tears apart all the lines and jacks in my home. Can't find the problem. Told there would be no charge since he couldnt fix problem and callers to my home still getting a modem sound. Still don't have a phone that works very well-lots of static. We deal with problem by having an answering machine pick up after fourth ring before the mystery sound can pick up. Another vacation day blown.

9. Old phone service still on. Call Qwest and ask what’s going on. They tell me a rep came out to my old address and couldn’t turn it off, but they’ll get it handled and credit me. Another half hour blown.

10. Repair rep comes out to new house again to correct the mystery modem sound and static on line. Another day I have to stay home. Rep tears apart all the lines and jacks in my home. Can’t find the problem. Told there would be no charge since he couldn’t fix problem and callers to my home still getting a modem sound. Still don’t have a phone that works very well-lots of static. We deal with problem by having an answering machine pick up after fourth ring before the mystery sound can pick up. Another vacation day blown.

11. Bill comes and there is an $90 service charge for repair rep coming out. Qwest rep tells me that is b/c a service rep came out a third time. I tell him no. That’s a mistake. He argues with me insinuating I am crazy and forgot third service call. Makes snarky remarks like -”well if we didn’t fix it how come you can make long distance calls. Is that just magic?” I explain to him that the long distance was fixed b/c it was not transferred from old service but this other issue that was not fixed. I tell him I will hang up and he can call back and listen to the sound himself. He refuses to independently verify the problems with my phone by just calling my house (then he’d have to admit he was wrong and no one at Qwest can do that!). My old phone is still on. He tells me that’s impossible. I beg him to put me on hold and call to verify. He refuses. I ask to speak with a supervisor. He says he is getting me one. Refuses to give me his name or any way of identifying him. Instead of transferring me to the supervisor, he blind transfers me to some department with a representative that tells me I am not actually being charged for a third service call. Says this was a mistake by the previous representative. I tell him that I have been through "mistakes by represenatives for months" and it isn't fair that I have to call month after month after month and argue and be told I'm a liar. Tells me that I was told I would be charged by the repair person and that I “refused to sign the invoice when it was presented to me.” Tells me I can be credited if the repair rep notes the account it was mistake. I argue with him b/c phone is still broken and beg him to call my phone to verify the story. He gives me a credit but tells me he doesn’t believe me and that I don’t deserve it but that I have wasted too much of his time. This call ends with me in tears and belittled. This problem has consumed about three hours of time with Qwest.

12.My old phone is finally off after I call Qwest third time about this issue. I never get my referral to the new number though. This is mid december. It should have been off 17 September. Three months of internet and phone charges never reimbursed.

13. Get a hold of the supervisor for the repair rep in Longmont that lied about my refusal to sign a repair invoice. He says it's happened before but that he has no way of noting the account, never could. It takes about a week to talk to this guy. Had I not been credited by the represenative who thought I deserved nothing for spending months on the phone and being called a liar, this would have been another dead end. I called this man's supervisor as a matter of principle. Don't call back Qwest customer service to tell them they were wrong b/c they just wouldn't give a rats ass.

14. A new bill comes in February and someone else’s charges and name are in middle of my bill, just randomly tacked on in the middle. I call and speak with Jason in Omaha. Rep laughs when I ask him if Qwest just randomly sticks someone else’s charges on to other people’s bills. Says I’ve only been charged 99 cents. I point out it’s actually 29$. He doesn’t apoligize for his mistake. He berates me and tells me I’m talking over him. Says he’ll send it to the billing department to correct and have them call me within 24 hours, but that he won’t credit me for this other person’s bill. I ask him what I can do if I am not called back b/c I have had a lot of problems with Qwest not calling back. He tells me to write a letter. I tell him that I really don’t think Qwest will respond to a letter when they haven’t responded to a dozen of my phone calls. He tells me Qwest has no complaint department and no mediation process. He tells me I am wasting his time but that he’ll continue to talk to me for 25 more minutes until the end of his shift and then he will end the call. He hangs up under false pretense-says I’m yelling.

15. Call back and talk to Sue in Utah. Tell her I want a supervisor. She tells me I have to explain what is wrong. I Tell her that I am drained and just to read the account. She tells me there are NO account notes and that I absolutely must tell her or can not speak with a supervisor but if I tell her I can. I go through this litany of complaints again (NOTE: This is a big part of the strategy to wear people out.) Puts me on hold. Comes back and tells me a supervisor won’t talk to me. Refuses again and again to give me the name of the supervisor that is refusing to come to the phone. Says my attorney or the corporation can get it. I tell her I’d like to have the name so that when I file I complaint I know who I dealt with it which seems like common courtesy to me, but common courtesy does not exist at Qwest. Gives me the phone number for a complaint department-I tell her that I was told by Jason in Omaha there was no complaint department. Sue eventually ends call on false pretenses too. When they get cornered Qwest reps just say really loudly that the call is being ended for xxxx. fill in the blank.
16. Call this mystery complaint department. It’s a bogus number. You get a thank you for calling Qwest message and then it just rings and rings and rings. No one ever picks up.

So my options are court and the public utilities commission.

If you’ve been dealing with Qwest for months and are being made to feel like you’re crazy, I hope you find some solace in my story. You will never get satisfaction with Qwest. After all this,I've never had a supervisor that offered me a sincere apology, offered empathy, or followed through on promises. It's pretty incredible that about a dozen things have gone wrong with this transfer of service and all I've been able to get back is a refund of a bogus service charge which was delivered with a big plate of insult.

I wish I had gone to court in October b/c court ends in three months-problems with Qwest never are resolved. It's now February. I've spent around a week in the last six months on the phone with Qwest and haven't had one rep that I would say was human and kind.

Qwest represenatives NEVER believe their company can get it wrong. I don't know why, but the minute you tell them there is a problem, they take a defensive stance and automatically go into this mode where everything they are hearing is just a lie. Over six months I have been misinformed again and again and worse, horribly belittled. Qwest service reps are on a power trip and believe that customers are lying to them every time they call. I've never once been given the benefit of the doubt by the representative on the other end of the phone.
Qwest reps are told they can disconnect “abusive” customers without EVER recognizing and taking responsibility for that fact that a continued pattern of abuse of customers, broken contracts, snarky customer service, mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake, crappy corporate lingo like “I’m do apoligize” followed by the inevitable “But there is nothing I can do.” rings hollow and might be driving people insane.

Don't waste your time. The minute you have a problem with Qwest call the Colorado Public Utility Commission at 303 894 2070.

I hope every Qwest rep looses his or her job to some call centre in India. Why not speak with someone that barely has a command of the english language if reps are going to run you in circles anyway???? I sincerely hope every Qwest rep looses their home or can't pay their college tuition and ends up on the street after all the crap they have put people through.

Anonymous said...

hi there i am a qwest cust service rep and trust me when i tell you that 99.9999% of reps i work with are just as you describe them. Horribly rude, obnoxious, belittling, and quite condescending. I really wish you could have gotten someone like myself who actually searches for qwest sucks on google just to see how bad my peers are. Just so you know my DSL hasnt worked right since i got it, and I've been told things about the service from techs that contradict everything I was told in training to tell people to get them to buy it. QWest SUCKS is a HUUUUGE understatement!!!1