Wednesday, November 14, 2007


There is a whole list of posts I have in mind to write. But my mind is mush right now and I am so tired and unable to focus that I can't remember any of them, and I don't have the energy to go upstairs and dig them out from the depths of my bag.

So I'll just type the first, let's see, how about the first five things that come to mind and call it good.

1. I'm looking forward to being in Portland for Thanksgiving. It will be a hectic weekend with three family birthday parties in addition to the actual Thanksgiving festivities but I'm looking forward to it all the same. (My mom's birthday is on Sunday, as is my nephew Jacob's first birthday, and Brett's Grandma Dori's 90th birthday is on Friday.)

2. We have got to find a girl name. We can't seem to agree on anything, plus nothing is really standing out and striking either of us like our boy name did. As soon as we put the boy name together with the middle name and our last name, we just knew it was perfect...but we haven't had such a moment with any of the girl names we've bandied about.

3. Brett is a rockstar because he rubbed my back for about 45 minutes last night, which is about 44 minutes longer than any other back rub he's ever given me.

4. There is a pair of Brett's No Sweat shoes in the dryer right now (which is in the next room) and they are really loud in there.

5. I can't think of anything else. I'm that tired and spaced out. So I think I'll call it a night and head for bed.

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Kris said...

YOu know you're going to have a girl right? I mean we couldn't figure out a boy name and we had a boy... that's just how it works out it seems =-)