Friday, December 28, 2007

37 weeks

Besides the fact that I am ginormous (well, that my belly is, anyway) it's interesting to note that although these pictures were taken just moments apart from one another, my belly looks different in them.

In the top one, it seems like my belly is lower and more sticky-outy, and in the bottom one, it seems higher and rounder. Strange.

Once again, sorry for the blurry bathroom pics...I've just found that if I don't do them there, I'll never do them.

37 weeks

Yeah, I think my face in this one is saying something like, "OMG I am so tired please get this baby out thank you."

I definitely had some real (read: painful and frequent) contractions yesterday. They lasted for about five hours and then just stopped. I was disappointed that they did but hey, every contraction helps me make progress, right?

Once again, I'm looking forward to a long, four-day weekend. Hooray! We have plans tonight and tomorrow, but otherwise, we have nothing scheduled. (Although to be honest, I'm hoping to go into labor by Monday night. But we'll see. These things seldom happen as we want them to.)

I'm particularly excited for our plans tonight and tomorrow morning. Tonight, we are going to a party for our friends Claire and Isaac, who are visiting Seattle from where they currently live in California. Claire is one of the two women I will always think of as my roommates (Daisy being the other one). Claire was Daisy's and my next door roommate when we lived on Second South Marston our freshman year at SPU, and then the three of us lived together on Second Hill the following year. After that, Claire and I lived in an on-campus apartment together.

I remember meeting Claire on that first day at SPU and going to buy our books together at the bookstore, since we were both in the University Scholars program. I actually have a picture somewhere of the two of us leaving Marston and walking toward the bookstore. I wish I had it online!

Throughout the years that followed, Claire and I and a few other friends spent a lot of time being U-Scholars together. (Disclaimer: I will be the first to admit I was a bad U-Scholar. Claire, though, was a great one. She always did her reading and was just able to think on a plane that I never have been able to get to.)

Anyway, we haven't seen each other in three years, because Brett and I were in Maine and then right before we moved back, they moved to California.

And, even cooler, tomorrow morning, she and I are going out to breakfast with...wait for it...Daisy, who is also in town for the holidays! HOORAY! The roommates, together again! I think the last time we were all together was...hmmm...well, I guess it must have been Daisy's wedding in December 2004, and before that, at my wedding in 2003. And it's not like we got to spend much time hanging out together what with all the wedding craziness.

I am very excited to get to spend a few hours with the two of them. I wish I had some of the photos from our roommate days to post here, but alas, they aren't digital. I'll definitely be bringing the camera tomorrow, though, that's for sure!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

still here, still pregnant

Sorry to update and leave you hanging for the past week. I haven't had to go to work since last Friday, and it's been lovely. I've barely even checked my email, I've been so lazy, so updating the blog kind of fell off my radar.

Anyway, I had another doctor's appointment today. The exciting news (well, exciting to me, anyway) is that I'm 1 centimeter dilated and 75% effaced. Yay! Progress! Of course, I realize that people walk around for weeks dilated to 4 and don't go into labor at all, but still -- it's nice to think that all the contractions I've been having (some painful ones, too) are doing something.

This was the appointment where we talked through the fact that this baby is ginormous and what the plan should be because of that. My doctor was great; she outlined the risks of both a vaginal birth and a c-section and said that she would let us decide. As I think I've mentioned before, I'd really like to do this vaginally, which I told her. And she said that was fine, and we'd just hope I go into labor soon-ish so the baby doesn't get too much bigger.

She said that once my labor starts, she won't treat it any differently than any other birth just because my baby is big, which was a relief to hear. Another relief was talking through the scenarios that would cause her to recommend a c-section -- severely stalled labor (like pushing for hours and making no progress) or fetal distress (the baby's heart rate dropping or fluctuating). Those are both scenarios in which Brett and I feel that a c-section would be appropriate, so it's good to know that she will recommend one if she feels that it's in the best interest of either me or the baby.

So that's the update. I'm definitely having contractions, like I said, and am starting to feel more and more uncomfortable (I mean, dude, I'm to the point where even sleeping hurts...yeah, not fun), which is a little hard to believe considering I've been uncomfortable for weeks. But somehow it's possible, and somehow I keep getting through it. Thankfully, though, this weekend was, for the most part, relaxing.

The only day that was really intense was Christmas Eve. Both Brett and I felt a little of the nesting instinct, as we cleaned the house and organized things. Brett even did some touch-up painting in the bathroom. If that's not sympathy nesting, I don't know what is!

Also on Christmas Eve, I made our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and dessert (vegetarian tortilla soup and individual chocolate souffle cakes) for us and for four of our friends who came over. After dinner, Brett and I went to church at St. Mark's, the Episcopal Cathedral, which was beautiful. There's something about the liturgy at Christmas that just touches my heart and truly makes it seem like Christmas. Anyway, Christmas Eve was a very long day and by the end of the evening, standing up and walking were both extremely challenging, but it was worth it.

Otherwise, Brett and I spent the weekend napping and playing an excessive amount of video games, both on our old-school Nintendo and on the Super Nintendo that we just hooked up. (You know that if you have a blister on your thumb and your arm is sore from pushing the jump button over and over that you've played too much Zelda and Donkey Kong Country.)

Oh yeah, I totally forgot I promised an ultrasound picture. Here you go. I don't know how much you'll be able to see unless you are a seasoned ultrasound picture interpreter, but I'll try to post descriptions through the magic of photoshop.

It says Happy Birthday Noni on it because Brett's mom's birthday was the day after the ultrasound, so we had the tech type that and we emailed it to his mom. She got a kick out of it!

I hope those descriptions help. I know it can be hard to see the face -- it just looks blobby and kind of creepy and alien-like, but then, that's the nature of ultrasounds, I guess.

If you can see the face at all, and you have an opinion, I'd love to hear whether you think it's a boy or a girl!

And with that, I'm off to bed. I have to get up early to be at work least it is a short week!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

pardon me while I freak the heck out

We had another ultrasound tonight.

I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow. That means I still have four weeks until my due date.

And the baby? Is measuring a whopping EIGHT pounds, 10 ounces. That's bigger than the average baby is at a full-term birth.

Hold me.

I am seriously starting to freak out a little. I was totally fine up until today. A little nervous about how things would work out, sure, but overall, not too worried, just trusting that God is in control and this baby will be born in his time and by the method that he has ordained.

But now, I'm not having such an easy time with that.

Part of me thinks, "Oh Lord, just let me go into labor ASAP so the baby doesn't get any bigger and I can do this vaginally and avoid a c-section!" [Holy crap, I just wrote vaginally on my blog. And my entire extended family as well as some male co-workers read this. *waving* Hi there, guys! Sorry! Had to use the v-word! Can't promise it won't happen again, but at least now you've been warned! Now back to your regularly-scheduled, probably-still-TMI blogging!]

And then a second part of me thinks, "OMG, what am I THINKING!? I can't go into labor ASAP! I have so much to wrap up at work! I need at least another week and a half if not longer!"

And then the first part replies, "Do you really want to wait another week and a half? That's ten more days to get through, ten days of back pain and exhaustion and grumpiness and heartburn and cramps and nausea and your hips not working!"

And then the second part of me says, "Heck yes, I want to wait that long! I don't want my baby to be born on Christmas and be doomed to a life of anti-climactic birthday celebrations! Plus my mom is going to be out of town, and I neeeed her here to help me after the birth! And besides, I need for the baby to be born after January 1st so I can use my 2008 flexible spending election to help pay the hospital costs!"

The the first part comes back with something like, "JANUARY 1!? Are you on crack? That's almost TWO full weeks of back pain and exhaustion and grumpiness and heartburn and cramps and nausea and non-functioning hips!"

Then a third part chimes in: "You both need to shut up! What if I actually go all the way to my due date?! Oh, God, I can't imagine how uncomfortable I will be in four more weeks, not to mention the fact that the baby will probably weigh 12 pounds! All this talk of going early just has to stop, in case I don't go early and really do have four more weeks to get through!"

Then a fourth side says, "Shut UP already, you guys! The baby will come out one way or another, so stop freaking out. It's after the birth we should be worrying about, because then, I'm going to be a parent. ME. A PARENT. What was I thinking?! How in the world am I going to handle this?!"

Then I just throw up my hands and try to stop thinking about it, period, lest I start crying.

Anyway. Yeah. The u/s tech did get some good pictures of the baby's face, so I'll try to post those tomorrow. No promises, though -- work is going to be crazy so I hope I have time to scan them in. He/She has enormous chipmunk cheeks, really full pouty lips, and a cute little nose. *grin* So much fun.

I'm sure I'll be talking with my doctor tomorrow about the ultrasound. At my last appointment, I wasn't dilated at all, although the baby was low and I was starting to efface. My next appointment is next Wednesday, but she'll probably want to talk just in case before the holiday and the long weekend, I would think.

I'll keep you all posted as much as I can. Right now, though, it's late and I really need to go to bed. Carrying around an eight-and-a-half pound baby all day is hard work!

Monday, December 17, 2007

back to where it all began, and also, ginormous? you decide.

Brett's sister Rachel and his Aunt Melissa came up this weekend to bring us Rachel's car to use until the baby is born. As much as I normally love not having a car (but that's the topic for another post entirely) I have to admit I'm pretty glad we'll have one for the next month or so. Hauling my butt to the bus every day is getting old.

Rachel's car used to be their Grandma Pat's car back in the day. Brett borrowed it to take me on our first date, almost nine years ago, and it's the scene of our first kiss. A little strange to think we'll be bringing our baby home in the very vehicle where our entire relationship started so many years ago! I think it's kind of cool, actually!

Anyway, while Rachel was here, she took a belly photo of me. And guess what?! It's not in a bathroom! Yay! :p Except I totally have hat hair because I was wearing my wool hat all day since it was cold...oh well...I'm convinced I won't ever have a nice belly photo.

So here I am at 35 weeks, 1 day. You decide -- do I really look all that ginormous for 35 weeks? I feel ginormous, but I don't really have anything against which I can gauge my size.

35 weeks, 1 day

Friday, December 14, 2007

you know you're really, really pregnant when...

  • The first thing almost everyone you encounter on a daily basis (your husband, friends, co-workers, and strangers alike) says is, "Wow, your belly is huge!
  • You have a sobbing meltdown because of lentils. (My poor, poor husband. I'll spare you the details but he is quite longsuffering to put up with me these days.)
  • Your boss manages to run into your belly as you pass each other in the hallway three times in one week.
  • Your maternity clothes are suddenly too small.
  • You want to punch the next person who asks you when "the big day" is (seriously, I only wish I knew) and then, when you tell them when your estimated due date is, looks at your belly and raises their eyebrows skeptically.
  • You contemplate making a t-shirt or wearing a sign that says the following, just so you can stop repeating yourself every three seconds:
    • January 18
    • Yes, I am measuring large
    • No, we didn't find out
    • I'm feeling very tired
    • Yes, we are excited
So I'm 35 weeks today. I am really curious to know how big I'm actually measuring. My next appointment is Wednesday, followed by an ultrasound on Thursday, so I'll find out then how big my belly is and how big the baby is. The Braxton-Hicks contractions have slowed down, which I guess is a good thing...sort of...because, of course, now that I'm getting further along, going into labor wouldn't be a bad thing anymore. Another week would be nice and would probably make some difference for the baby, but basically I'm in the safe-ish zone for giving birth.

I have my first-ever load of baby clothes washing right now. :-| It's kind of a weird thought, honestly. I don't think it's sunk in at all that I'm going to have, you know, a BABY in a few weeks. A person. Who is also a baby. Who is our responsibility...forever. Yikes.

I'm feeling good about making progress on my to-do list. Here's where it stands this week. I'll start with the red things, because it's always fun to see progress:
  • Find out how to add the baby to my health insurance and if there is a way to do this before He/She is born
  • Find out how to add the baby as a beneficiary on our life insurance policies, IRAs, and my 401k, and if there is a way to do this before He/She is born
  • Decide how much to set aside in flexible spending for 2008 -- This is 100% decided. I talked to HR for a long time yesterday and we have a plan worked out that will favor me either way. Yay!
  • Talk to my boss/HR about the logistics of taking my FMLA leave -- Done! I understand what my responsibilities are in this, and HR knows to expect a claim from me. Plus, I found out that under Washington State law, if my doctor writes me out of work early, I will get paid for that time with short-term disability, and while it will come out of my FMLA leave, that time will be added on to the end of my FMLA leave with leave mandated by Washington state's FMA -- so no matter how you slice it, I'll still get my full 12 weeks with the baby after he or she is born, even if my doctor writes me out of work early. YAY! Also, the temp agency is sending someone to start 12/27...that eases my mind quite a bit. I hope we'll at least have a couple of days together for me to train the person since that's so soon.
  • Find out what FMLA benefits, if any, Brett is eligible for -- Done! We found out that he is actually even eligible for some paid leave (three weeks) plus any vacation time he wants to take (he has two weeks accrued) for a possible total of five paid weeks. He has worked out a plan with his boss to take off a week to 10 days when the baby is first born, and then more down the road as needed and after I go back to work.
  • Interview and select a pediatrician -- I'm just calling this done, because interviewing someone is sooo not happening in the next couple of weeks. And I'm fine with that. We can always switch down the road if something doesn't click.
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Draft some kind of loose birth plan outline
  • Decide on a girl name
  • Better organize baby's drawers/clothes -- Done! I did this last weekend and it felt really good to get things in some semblance of order.

Now, for the black (things still to-do) items:
  • Confirm our childcare for when I go back to work -- Again, still pink. But the news that Brett gets some paid leave will help tremendously here. Also, Brett's mom is willing to come up and help out for a while, too, so really, I am not overly concerned.
  • Renew our renters' insurance -- I just haven't had time to call them. I need to do it ASAP.
  • Re-activate contributions to our Roth IRAs -- Still haven't done this. Again, just need to call or e-mail but I never seem to have time.
  • Start a savings account or 529 for the baby -- Still haven't done this, either. I kind of think this will just wait until after the baby is born, probably, unless we just do it online and not at the local bank.
  • Finally finish becoming members at Mars Hill -- Still haven't been able to sit down and go through the paperwork together. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Look into purchasing or borrowing the following:
    • Cloth diapers / re-usable baby wipes -- I may just buy these. Haven't decided yet.
    • Infant insert for Ergo carrier -- Still need to run down to the store in Ballard and buy this. Maybe this weekend, or maybe I can stop there after work next week.
    • Another carrier: a sling or perhaps a Moby Wrap -- I'm kind of thinking Moby Wrap at this point. I may just buy one. I really want a Storchenwiege but don't want to spend the money right now.
    • More sheets for the co-sleeper -- C said she'd send me some, so thank you, C! But I am still going to look at the store down in Ballard and may just wind up buying a couple to supplement as well.
  • Write the most recent round of shower thank-yous for the fantastic shower my co-workers threw me this week -- I need to actually, you know, buy thank-you notes in order to do this. Crap.
  • Pack the bag for the hospital -- I'm making progress, thankfully, and will hopefully have everything I can packed this weekend. I need to buy some travel-size toiletries, though.
  • Schedule (and go on) the pre-birth hospital tour -- OK, I am going to amend this one to be: do a test-drive to the hospital and confirm where to go once in labor. Because apparently the tours are booked up weeks in advance (grr) and we also seem to have plans every night they offer them since they only offer them three times a week. So I'm just going to bag this one and be satisfied with a test-drive and making sure I know which floor to head to when we arrive.
  • Work out the logistics with our families of who is staying where and who is coming when, once the baby is born. -- Gah. Haven't even started.
  • Wash clothes, towels, sheets, etc that we've received as gifts -- See above; I'm making progress on this! I have decided to only wash a few things, so that if He/She does wind up being really big, so we can take things back if need be.
And I do have one green item for the week (Leah, you were right -- there's no such thing as no green ones):
  • Try to find a doula -- After talking to my friend Daisy and to Brett's mom (who is a doula down in Portland) and realizing that if the baby really is big and I want to avoid a c-section, I think it would be best to have a doula. I know it's a little late in the game to be thinking about finding someone, but I'd like to try. If any Seattleites have recommendations, I'd love to hear them.
That's it. I feel good about the progress I've made on my list. I hope that next week I'll have a lot more things to cross off!

For now, I am going to go lie down and read or just watch TV for a while. My goodness -- I am TIRED.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

weekend update

My mind is going in about four different directions as I try to figure out how to start this post and what to include in it -- updates about my last doctor's appointment, our weekend so far, a to-do list update, and how I'm feeling. I'm not sure where to go first. I guess it doesn't really matter...I'll just go in that order.

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday of this week. We talked again about the ultrasound results, she did an internal exam (still closed and not effaced at all -- which, at this point, is a good thing), and said that I'm still measuring ahead as far as fundal height is concerned.

My next appointment with her is on 12/19. She'll check me again then, and see where things are. She had me make another ultrasound appointment for 12/20. She wants Brett to come in to the appointment after that, on the 26th, so we can go over the ultrasound results and try to figure out a plan.

I've already decided that if I don't go into labor naturally by about New Year's, I'm going to try acupuncture, walking, spicy food, etc, especially if the doctor starts really seriously talking about doing a c-section instead of waiting for natural labor to start.

But what I really hope is that I go early on my own and don't have to resort to any extraneous methods.

And now, because I am lazy and don't want to come up with a subtle transition, on to the next topic on my list.

For months now, we've been talking about going out of town before the baby is born. But every time we pick a weekend, something happens and we wind up not being able to go: we wind up having to go to Portland, our families want to come here, the whole barista competition, etc...

This weekend was basically our last chance to get away. And yes, here I sit, making a blog post from home. Clearly, we didn't make it anywhere.

Early in this week, we talked about it and decided we are both too exhausted to travel right now. I'm just starting to feel better after my cold, and we've only had one weekend at home together to relax and get things done since probably about early September. (Neither of us can actually remember when the last time was.)

Instead, we decided to make yesterday a vacation day here in town. We got up, and walked to the coffee shop near our hou se and got breakfast and sat and read for a while. Then, we rode the bus downtown and walked around Pike Place, with a stop at Le Panier, the French bakery for some treats.

After that, we went and got massages at my favorite spa, which was amazing. We both felt great afterward! Then we went to Zoka and had coffee and read some more, while we killed time before our dinner reservation.

That was the only low point in our day -- when we got to the restaurant, there was a sign on the door that they were closed for the evening due to a water main problem. SAD! We were pretty bummed; we'd both been looking forward to dinner there all day. But we quickly got over that and went to another restaurant nearby that we like and had a very yummy dinner anyway.

Overall, it was a fantastic, relaxing day, and we both had a great time just hanging out with each other.

And here is a natural segue into the next topic. Today we've spent getting organized, cleaning, doing laundry, etc.

I've gotten the co-sleeper set up (the sheet is in the washer now; that's the only thing left to install -- well, except for the hooking it to the bed part, which I think we may wait a while to do, because I don't want to have to climb around it indefinitely), the drawers and cabinets in the baby's room more organized, a pile of baby things together to wash throughout the week, and the Bundle Me installed in the car seat. I've started setting things aside for the hospital bag, and have been getting the breast pump items organized, too. (Except I totally need a lesson in how the heck it works. I tried to figure it out today and I have no clue. I'm going to be using my sister's Pump-in-Style...and of course, she doesn't have the manual anymore, and I have no clue how it's supposed to work.)

It feels good to be making progress. I guess I'm just terrified I'll go into labor and have none of that stuff done, and have to pack my hospital bag while I'm having contractions, and have to come home to an un-organized house -- or at least a house that isn't organized how I want it to be. Perhaps I'm nesting? I don't know. I just know that I'll feel a lot better when the clothes are washed, the bag is all packed, and everything is ready to go.

I've been feeling much more tired of being pregnant during the past week or so. Maybe it's partly the power of suggestion, with my doctor telling me I'm measuring at term and that I probably feel now how most women feel when they are, well, at term. And maybe it's also just partly the fact that I am really big and unweildy and my belly is ginormous and my body is reaching the end of its ability to support all the extra weight.

I've had two (almost three; I managed to stop the tears in time this morning) crying meltdowns this week simply because I feel exhausted and I hurt and I'm never comfortable (sitting, standing, or lying in bed -- nothing is comfortable anymore) and I can't sleep and just putting on my shoes or drying off after a shower or getting dressed is a huge ordeal that takes about four times as long as it normally would.

I know it's only temporary, and that within a few weeks (I hope) I will at least sort of have my body back. But if I'm feeling this, shall we say, ready to be done now, I can't help but ask myself these questions: What if I don't go into labor early? What if I really wind up going another six (or, God forbid, eight) more weeks?

It's just not something I can think about at this point, or I might start crying again. (I'm only half-joking there...)

I'm trying very hard to trust God and trust that he will make this baby come in the time that is right and in the method that he has ordained...but it's getting really difficult. I've been praying a lot lately. I'm getting to the point where I think the only way I'll be able to get through the next weeks is with a lot of prayer. Because I already have a feeling that if I trust in my own strength alone, I'll be begging for a c-section as soon as they'll let me have one, just because I'm ready to be done being pregnant.

Ok, I need to go brush my teeth and get ready to go out for dinner and go to church. Yikes! I have to hurry! We have to leave for the bus in 15 minutes, and these days, it will probably take me that long to get upstairs, brush my teeth, get on my shoes, and find my coat.

Friday, December 07, 2007

lots left to do!

A couple of weeks ago I posted this to-do list of things I need to get done before the baby is born. Uh. Yeah. I've added a few items (in green), and only completed the ones in red. I think it's longer now than it was before!

  • Find out how to add the baby to my health insurance and if there is a way to do this before He/She is born

Well, I called my HR department and I have to do it afterward. There's just a form I need to fax in ASAP. So that adds one more thing on the big to-do list -- faxing the form when the baby is born.

  • Find out how to add the baby as a beneficiary on our life insurance policies, IRAs, and my 401k, and if there is a way to do this before He/She is born

Again, something I have to do after the baby is born. But at least it's on the same form as the health benefits.

  • Decide how much to set aside in flexible spending for 2008

I decided...kind of. Because now I am seriously second-guessing my decision, which is to set aside quite a lot: enough to cover the birth and hospital fees, my OB fees, and a few co-pays later in the year. This should probably be a post in and of itself, but if the baby is born after December 14 (which is the last day we can change this) and before January 1, I'm screwed because I'll still have to pay the hospital fees out of pocket and have a crapload of money taken out of my paycheck every month for the entire year in 2008. I'm trying to figure out now what to do.

  • Talk to my boss/HR about the logistics of taking my FMLA leave

No progress on this. We've been talking about sitting down soon, but haven't done anything yet. It's been crazy around work lately so we just haven't had the chance.

  • Find out what FMLA benefits, if any, Brett is eligible for

No word yet. I think they are between HR/Payroll people at his work so who knows if I'll get an answer. His company party is tonight, though, so I will try to corner someone then.

  • Confirm our childcare for when I go back to work

I feel like this one should be pink. I've made progress and talked to a few people, but nothing concrete has come of it. A lot depends on when I actually start (and therefore finish) my leave.

  • Renew our renters' insurance

I just haven't had time to call them. I need to do it ASAP.

  • Interview and select a pediatrician

I have not had time to even sit down with Brett and talk about interviewing people. This is, honestly, not a high priority for me. I called the clinic I think we're going to go with and they said we don't even have to pre-register with them -- just list the clinic as our pediatrician of choice and one of them will stop by in the hospital. At this point, I'm kind of inclined to just let it be, since we can always change pediatricians later. We'll see.

  • Pre-register at the hospital

I filled out the form this week; I am going to fax it today. So I guess I get to mark this one red!

  • Draft some kind of loose birth plan outline

I did this earlier this week -- thanks to Leah for the link to, an easy site that gives you some guidelines for each area of the labor, delivery, and postpartum process. I think it's enough of what I want that I can cross this one off, too.

  • Re-activate contributions to our Roth IRAs

I haven't done this. I need to call or email and just get it done.

  • Start a savings account or 529 for the baby

Haven't done this, either, although Brett and I decided this week that we need to. It's just a matter of going to the bank in person, which is a PITA considering the bank is open basically only when I'm at work, and only on limited hours on weekends.

We have a girl name! And no, I'm not telling. Oddly enough, we have come up with both of our names while on the trip from Seattle to Portland (or vice versa). This one we came up with when we had stopped in the Azteca in Kelso (yeah, it wasn't exactly gourmet dining) to get dinner as we were driving back from Thanksgiving. We were just eating chips and salsa, and Brett said, out of the blue, "What about ___?" And that was that.

  • Finally finish becoming members at Mars Hill

Well, this one should be pink, too. We have the paperwork, and just need to complete it and schedule an interview with our community group leader, and we'll be all set. Maybe we'll get a chance to work on the paperwork this weekend.

  • Look into purchasing or borrowing the following:
  1. Cloth diapers / re-usable baby wipes -- I may just buy these. Haven't decided yet.
  2. Breastfeeding accessories (pump parts, bottles, etc) -- got these at my most recent shower. Yay!
  3. More clothes -- We got quite a lot more clothes at the most recent shower, too, plus what we brought back from Portland (hand-me-downs from my sister). I think we will be set, at least for the early stages.
  4. Infant insert for Ergo carrier -- Just a matter of me going to the store down in Ballard and buying it. Maybe we will do it this weekend. I also want to look for a couple other items there, as well.
  5. Another carrier: a sling or perhaps a Moby Wrap -- I'm kind of thinking Moby Wrap at this point. I may just buy one. I really want a Storchenwiege but don't want to spend the money right now.
  6. More sheets for the co-sleeper -- Because we only have one right now. Yeah, not gonna cut it.

And here are some new items:

  • Write the most recent round of shower thank-yous for the fantastic shower my co-workers threw me this week
  • Pack the bag for the hospital
  • Schedule (and go on) the pre-birth hospital tour
  • Work out the logistics with our families of who is staying where and who is coming when, once the baby is born
  • Wash clothes, towels, sheets, etc that we've received as gifts
  • Better organize baby's drawers/clothes

I'd love to hear your ideas on a few of those last ones, namely what to pack for the hospital (and what is completely superfluous) and also how in the heck to work out the logistics of our families. We have a guest room -- but that's it. One guest room. How in the world do we determine who "gets" to stay there? I know who I think should stay there, for fairness sake, but how do I tell the other two families that the guest room is spoken for? How did you handle that?

Ok, this is now super super long and needs to be wrapped up. Hopefully the next to-do list update will include more red items and NO green items!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

worth reading

Brett saw this article about stillbirth and infant loss in the Portland paper over the weekend. He brought it home for me to read, and I wept when I read it last night. That's pretty rare for me; sometimes I'll tear up a bit when reading something, but this was full-on, sniffly, snotty, tears running down my face kind of weeping.

The author captures the family's story very clearly and highlights the emotion of losing a baby so accurately. I think that is what struck me most about this story.

Anyway, it's a tear-jerker, and was a bit scary for me to read as I approach this baby's due date, since I hadn't really considered the idea of stillbirth and now it's definitely on my mind, but I think it's worth reading.

Here's the link again: