Friday, December 28, 2007

37 weeks

Besides the fact that I am ginormous (well, that my belly is, anyway) it's interesting to note that although these pictures were taken just moments apart from one another, my belly looks different in them.

In the top one, it seems like my belly is lower and more sticky-outy, and in the bottom one, it seems higher and rounder. Strange.

Once again, sorry for the blurry bathroom pics...I've just found that if I don't do them there, I'll never do them.

37 weeks

Yeah, I think my face in this one is saying something like, "OMG I am so tired please get this baby out thank you."

I definitely had some real (read: painful and frequent) contractions yesterday. They lasted for about five hours and then just stopped. I was disappointed that they did but hey, every contraction helps me make progress, right?

Once again, I'm looking forward to a long, four-day weekend. Hooray! We have plans tonight and tomorrow, but otherwise, we have nothing scheduled. (Although to be honest, I'm hoping to go into labor by Monday night. But we'll see. These things seldom happen as we want them to.)

I'm particularly excited for our plans tonight and tomorrow morning. Tonight, we are going to a party for our friends Claire and Isaac, who are visiting Seattle from where they currently live in California. Claire is one of the two women I will always think of as my roommates (Daisy being the other one). Claire was Daisy's and my next door roommate when we lived on Second South Marston our freshman year at SPU, and then the three of us lived together on Second Hill the following year. After that, Claire and I lived in an on-campus apartment together.

I remember meeting Claire on that first day at SPU and going to buy our books together at the bookstore, since we were both in the University Scholars program. I actually have a picture somewhere of the two of us leaving Marston and walking toward the bookstore. I wish I had it online!

Throughout the years that followed, Claire and I and a few other friends spent a lot of time being U-Scholars together. (Disclaimer: I will be the first to admit I was a bad U-Scholar. Claire, though, was a great one. She always did her reading and was just able to think on a plane that I never have been able to get to.)

Anyway, we haven't seen each other in three years, because Brett and I were in Maine and then right before we moved back, they moved to California.

And, even cooler, tomorrow morning, she and I are going out to breakfast with...wait for it...Daisy, who is also in town for the holidays! HOORAY! The roommates, together again! I think the last time we were all together was...hmmm...well, I guess it must have been Daisy's wedding in December 2004, and before that, at my wedding in 2003. And it's not like we got to spend much time hanging out together what with all the wedding craziness.

I am very excited to get to spend a few hours with the two of them. I wish I had some of the photos from our roommate days to post here, but alas, they aren't digital. I'll definitely be bringing the camera tomorrow, though, that's for sure!


Kris said...

Ahh the basketball in the shirt photos! I'd say your time is nearing.

Anonymous said...

You're so close!! I know it's uncomfortable now and you're probably more impatient by the hour, but that'll all be a distant memory once your little one joins your family. :)