Friday, December 07, 2007

lots left to do!

A couple of weeks ago I posted this to-do list of things I need to get done before the baby is born. Uh. Yeah. I've added a few items (in green), and only completed the ones in red. I think it's longer now than it was before!

  • Find out how to add the baby to my health insurance and if there is a way to do this before He/She is born

Well, I called my HR department and I have to do it afterward. There's just a form I need to fax in ASAP. So that adds one more thing on the big to-do list -- faxing the form when the baby is born.

  • Find out how to add the baby as a beneficiary on our life insurance policies, IRAs, and my 401k, and if there is a way to do this before He/She is born

Again, something I have to do after the baby is born. But at least it's on the same form as the health benefits.

  • Decide how much to set aside in flexible spending for 2008

I decided...kind of. Because now I am seriously second-guessing my decision, which is to set aside quite a lot: enough to cover the birth and hospital fees, my OB fees, and a few co-pays later in the year. This should probably be a post in and of itself, but if the baby is born after December 14 (which is the last day we can change this) and before January 1, I'm screwed because I'll still have to pay the hospital fees out of pocket and have a crapload of money taken out of my paycheck every month for the entire year in 2008. I'm trying to figure out now what to do.

  • Talk to my boss/HR about the logistics of taking my FMLA leave

No progress on this. We've been talking about sitting down soon, but haven't done anything yet. It's been crazy around work lately so we just haven't had the chance.

  • Find out what FMLA benefits, if any, Brett is eligible for

No word yet. I think they are between HR/Payroll people at his work so who knows if I'll get an answer. His company party is tonight, though, so I will try to corner someone then.

  • Confirm our childcare for when I go back to work

I feel like this one should be pink. I've made progress and talked to a few people, but nothing concrete has come of it. A lot depends on when I actually start (and therefore finish) my leave.

  • Renew our renters' insurance

I just haven't had time to call them. I need to do it ASAP.

  • Interview and select a pediatrician

I have not had time to even sit down with Brett and talk about interviewing people. This is, honestly, not a high priority for me. I called the clinic I think we're going to go with and they said we don't even have to pre-register with them -- just list the clinic as our pediatrician of choice and one of them will stop by in the hospital. At this point, I'm kind of inclined to just let it be, since we can always change pediatricians later. We'll see.

  • Pre-register at the hospital

I filled out the form this week; I am going to fax it today. So I guess I get to mark this one red!

  • Draft some kind of loose birth plan outline

I did this earlier this week -- thanks to Leah for the link to, an easy site that gives you some guidelines for each area of the labor, delivery, and postpartum process. I think it's enough of what I want that I can cross this one off, too.

  • Re-activate contributions to our Roth IRAs

I haven't done this. I need to call or email and just get it done.

  • Start a savings account or 529 for the baby

Haven't done this, either, although Brett and I decided this week that we need to. It's just a matter of going to the bank in person, which is a PITA considering the bank is open basically only when I'm at work, and only on limited hours on weekends.

We have a girl name! And no, I'm not telling. Oddly enough, we have come up with both of our names while on the trip from Seattle to Portland (or vice versa). This one we came up with when we had stopped in the Azteca in Kelso (yeah, it wasn't exactly gourmet dining) to get dinner as we were driving back from Thanksgiving. We were just eating chips and salsa, and Brett said, out of the blue, "What about ___?" And that was that.

  • Finally finish becoming members at Mars Hill

Well, this one should be pink, too. We have the paperwork, and just need to complete it and schedule an interview with our community group leader, and we'll be all set. Maybe we'll get a chance to work on the paperwork this weekend.

  • Look into purchasing or borrowing the following:
  1. Cloth diapers / re-usable baby wipes -- I may just buy these. Haven't decided yet.
  2. Breastfeeding accessories (pump parts, bottles, etc) -- got these at my most recent shower. Yay!
  3. More clothes -- We got quite a lot more clothes at the most recent shower, too, plus what we brought back from Portland (hand-me-downs from my sister). I think we will be set, at least for the early stages.
  4. Infant insert for Ergo carrier -- Just a matter of me going to the store down in Ballard and buying it. Maybe we will do it this weekend. I also want to look for a couple other items there, as well.
  5. Another carrier: a sling or perhaps a Moby Wrap -- I'm kind of thinking Moby Wrap at this point. I may just buy one. I really want a Storchenwiege but don't want to spend the money right now.
  6. More sheets for the co-sleeper -- Because we only have one right now. Yeah, not gonna cut it.

And here are some new items:

  • Write the most recent round of shower thank-yous for the fantastic shower my co-workers threw me this week
  • Pack the bag for the hospital
  • Schedule (and go on) the pre-birth hospital tour
  • Work out the logistics with our families of who is staying where and who is coming when, once the baby is born
  • Wash clothes, towels, sheets, etc that we've received as gifts
  • Better organize baby's drawers/clothes

I'd love to hear your ideas on a few of those last ones, namely what to pack for the hospital (and what is completely superfluous) and also how in the heck to work out the logistics of our families. We have a guest room -- but that's it. One guest room. How in the world do we determine who "gets" to stay there? I know who I think should stay there, for fairness sake, but how do I tell the other two families that the guest room is spoken for? How did you handle that?

Ok, this is now super super long and needs to be wrapped up. Hopefully the next to-do list update will include more red items and NO green items!


C said...

Which co-sleeper did you get? I have some Arm's Reach Mini sheets that you're welcome to if they're the right size.

As for the hospital bag, I only used the following things during my L&D stay:

-book (I actually read two while I was there)
-camera, camcorder, cell phone, etc... along with power cords
-nursing tanks and sweats for going home
-pillow from home

Kris said...

Okay I still have my list... mainly because it has the names we wrote down while trying to decide what to name Ryan while in the hospital.

Cutsie PJs or clothes for in the hospital when people visit.

I brought $$ for Adam so he could eat while I had hospital food.

Snacks for him while you're in labor... in case it's long. Adam only drank the drinks that we packed, but the hospital did also provide drinks.

Phone card... I used mine to call a lot of people because they were considered "out of area"

And a robe. I had an extra hospital gown as one while I walked the hall before delivery... not nice.

Good luck.