Monday, January 07, 2008

an Herculean task

This weekend, I did something that requires an amazing amount of courage, dexterity, and patience. There's no small amount risk involved, that's for sure. And it's not an easy task to begin with, let alone for someone who is nine months pregnant.

What is it, you ask?

I shaved my legs at nine months pregnant, and lived to tell the tale.

I've been contemplating shaving my legs again for about a week (they've been getting pretty fuzzy), but I haven't been able to find the courage to do it. However, during my shower yesterday, I decided it was time. It's vain, I know, but I don't want to go into labor and have really hairy legs. I'm weird like that. So I bit the bullet and got out the razor and shaving cream, and went to town. (I also don't want to have nasty toes, which is why I am going for a pedicure in an hour and a half.)

There are many problems involved with shaving one's legs at nine months pregnant. The most obvious is that you have the equivalent of a watermelon on your front, so the standard prop-leg-on-side-of-tub, bend-over-and-shave manoeuvre doesn't really work anymore, since your belly will hit your leg before you've bent forward more than a few inches, leaving your arms flailing several inches above your leg.

That means you have to shift your belly to the side of your leg and then reach around it to get to your leg -- a problem in the best of circumstances, but add in a slippery shower, a sharp object, and, my own personal problem of short arms...well, it suddenly gets a lot more challenging.

On top of the belly being in the way (solution: perform contortions you didn't know were possible) and the shower likely being slippery (solution: pray a lot), you also have to factor in the problem of loose and/or sore joints -- hips, knees, ankles, etc. Your body doesn't want to stay where you put it...your knees keep threatening to give out and your hips are sending shooting pain up your back and down your leg the entire time you are trying to balance and shave.

Yes, it's a challenging task...but, I am proud to say, I completed it without cutting myself once -- and before the hot water ran out! Hooray! And now for a few days at least, I will have legs I won't mind baring during labor -- if labor ever actually happens, which, at this point, I am beginning to doubt. I just hope it happens soon, before all my work is for naught and I have to shave again...


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! I remember what a difficult task that was, so kudos to you!! Here's hoping that baby of yours makes its appearance before a repeat performance is necessary.


Kris said...

Cute. I remember those days and I fear I am headed toward them soon. And don't worry too much about your feet. If it's as cold as it was at SMMC at your hospital, you'll be sporting socks!

Kathryn, your eccentric friend said...

Well done dear. Alas, even without a baby on board, I understand the difficulty of which you speak. Should your little snugglefriend not appear soon enough to help you avoid this ... I stand up in the shower and lean to the right while shoving my belly to the left (and vice versa).

By-the-by ... did I tell you that I've begun blogging as well? I titled it Kathryn's Konundrum. It's at
I'd love to hear what you think. As if you have time for thinking about anything but your snugglefriend and her/his appearance. Ha!

Bree said...

Oh silly Leen! I actually saw you getting your pedicure. My bus was driving past and I just happened to look in there. I hope your feet are happy now.