Thursday, February 14, 2008


Before we had Elanor, I always said that when we had kids and traveled with them, I wasn't going to be one of those moms who brings everything including the kitchen sink "just in case" -- we'd travel light, like we always do, just with a few tiny clothes thrown in. How much room could they really take up, anyway?

Yeah. Right.

In about four hours, we are leaving to go out of town to see our families in Portland for the first time since we had Elanor. I feel like we are taking 10 times as much stuff as we normally would -- the Boppy, the breastpump, the bathtub, a duffel bag of clothes with (literally) 2/3 of Elanor's current wardrobe (I should note that before, Brett and I could fit all of our clothes for a weekend in that bag), a suitcase with (literally) 2/3 of MY current wardrobe (dude, people, the spit-up is intense...some days we change clothes up to six times), a bag of cloth diapers, a bag of disposable diapers, the Moby Wrap, the diaper bag, the carseat and base...and we aren't even taking the co-sleeper, vibrating chair, or swing.

Thank God we are driving both ways and don't have to deal with lugging all this crap on the train. *shudder*

(Aside: I just looked down at Elanor and she smiled at me with half-closed eyes. I think she's the sweetest baby I have ever seen.)

I hope this trip goes smoothly, both in terms of schlepping all of her stuff as well as in terms of balancing time with our families. I thought it was stressful before Elanor was born in terms of trying to balance seeing everyone and trying to make it fair. Well, that was a walk in the park in comparison...I really hope it goes ok.

I'm sure that no matter what, we'll have lots of pictures to share next week as Elanor gets to meet all kinds of family and friends!


Kris said...

Good luck!

Rachel said...

I'm heading out of town with Little Guy this weekend for the first time too.

The pile of stuff for him is amazing. I have 6 outfits for 2 days! And I'm taking toys for a 3 month old just in case he has trouble sleeping the the port-a-crib. Am I silly?

Xin Lei said...

Now you understand why I'm already stressing about our flight to Portland from Boston this summer...two babies with two babies' stuff...AHH! :) But after a few road trips, you do get the hang of it...and you also convince the grandparents to buy their own crib, stroller, and high chair...that is key! Hope you have tons of fun at home!

Anonymous said...

Hope the trip went well!


Priscilla said...

Noni and Grumps enjoyed every minute of your visit! Our hopes are to make your stay as undaunting as possible so you'll come often. We love you very much!