Thursday, February 21, 2008

photo update

I was going to post a photo recap of just our weekend, but then I realized I should probably go ahead and catch myself up and post a photo recap that would get everything up to date. As always, photos are on Flickr as well.

We took Elanor to meet Brett's Grandma Dori on Friday morning. She didn't know we were coming over -- hence her pajamas. But, we really wanted her to have some one-on-one time with Elanor apart from the party on Saturday, since we knew a lot of people would be wanting to hold her then. I'm really glad we were able to let Grandma meet Elanor in a quieter, more peaceful setting. Elanor was really good; she let Grandma hold her for almost two hours, and was even awake and alert an quiet for a decent portion of that time.

First photo of the two of them together.
Displaying a bit of personality for Grandma.
This picture cracks me up.
And so does this one.
I love this picture. They are so snuggly.
On Friday night, we went over to my mom's house to spend some time with her and my sister and my niece and nephews. We went out for dinner at this Mexican restaurant, which was an interesting experience for a few reasons. One, they could NOT get my order right, and messed it up two times, despite me giving very clear instructions on what I wanted. It was really frustrating. The waiter came back three times and asked if I wanted sour cream, which I didn't. It was totally bizarre, and by the third time, we all just looked at each other and cracked up as he walked away.

The second reason it was an interesting experience is that as we were sitting there, who should walk in but Brett's parents and sister Amy and her husband Seth! It was totally random and coincidental, but funny all the same.

Mema and Adeline with Elanor on Friday night.
The big party took place on Saturday. There were about 40 or maybe 50 people there throughout the afternoon. Elanor did well; she didn't start to get fussy until the early evening. I think it was much harder for me than it was for her. I have to admit that it was really hard for me to let her get passed around so much, and it was really tough when she was fussy not to just snatch her out of the arms of whoever was holding her and run back into the bedroom where it was quiet and calm. But, it's over, and she's been introduced to the family and friends, and that is a good thing.

I didn't take a ton of pictures; I was busy talking to a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time while simultaneously fighting the urge to grab my baby! :p

A sweet picture of my nephew Zachary holding Elanor.
Cousins: My sister Melissa with her kids and Elanor. Zachary is holding Elanor, Adeline is on his right, and Jacob is the little guy.
Four generations: Walkers. Brett's Grandpa Buz, dad Jeff, Brett, and Elanor.
Four generations: Naudains. Brett's Grandma Dori, mom Priscilla, Brett, and Elanor
With her Noni on Sunday morning.
In the Walker family bassinet, in Brett's childhood bedroom, where we stayed over the weekend. The bassinet was new when Brett's Grandpa Buz was a baby, and every Walker baby has slept in it (or at least had their picture taken in it) ever since. The tradition goes that the ribbon gets changed to the appropriate color depending on the baby's gender.
Close-up in the bassinet.
Relaxing after a diaper change in her new pink elephant outfit that my mom and I got at Old Navy over the weekend. I think it's really cute!
On Monday, we had to return the rental car that we drove home from Portland. The car return was downtown, so I met up with a friend for lunch and then did some shopping. (Yay for the Old Navy kids and baby sale!! Isabel -- I did get some good bargains; they actually had a lot more there than I was expecting.)

Having lunch with Isabel. I love how snuggly Elanor is in the Moby Wrap! (Thank you, Julie and Karen, for passing it on. We LOVE it!)
I'll share one funny anecdote from our trip downtown. After lunch, we went to browse around in the stores. As we were leaving Old Navy, I noticed that Elanor was getting cranky and I knew she needed to eat. So we headed across the street to Nordstrom, so I could nurse her in their mothers' room, which has couches, a really nice changing table, and its own sink. (Which, I might point out, all of the teenage girls kept coming in and using to put on their [garish] makeup, but whatever.)

The second I opened the door to Nordstrom, Elanor started screaming. Not just crying, but full on, I'm-pissed-off screaming. I panicked and went back into the vestibule to try to calm her down. I thought I had her calm enough to where I could at least get to the elevator without further incident, but boy, was I wrong. The second I opened that door again -- screaming. The entire floor got totally quiet and everyone looked at me. At least that's how it seemed...I'm sure it wasn't that bad. But boy, her screams did carry. Those marble floors really make the sound of a screaming baby echo!

She was fine once I got her upstairs and nursing. It was pretty funny, albeit embarrassing, though, that she kept freaking out when I opened the door. I guess makeup and shoes don't yet appeal...

Waiting for the bus at Third and Pine for Elanor's first bus ride, going home from downtown after returning the rental car and having lunch with Isabel on Monday.
The bus stop. We catch the #17, which runs within a block and a half of our house. It's very convenient!
On the bus. She slept quite a bit during the ride; I think she liked the vibrations from how bumpy it was.
Official five-week-old photo from Monday night. It looks to me like she and the pig are conspiring to create some kind of mischief.
And, because I can't resist, a photo I took yesterday afternoon with my cell phone while we were playing. I think she is the cutest baby I've ever seen!!!

So that's the update, photo-wise. WHEW. It was a busy weekend and it's been a busy week. She is a little cranky today, and she hasn't been sleeping as well as she did over the weekend, when she slept from about 11 pm to about 5 am two days in a row. It was heavenly, let me tell you! Last night, though, as well as most of this week, she was up several times, probably four or five altogether, and the only way she would go back to sleep was to be latched on and nursing. Thank goodness that we can do the side-lying position with more skill these days! Even if I wake up with spit-up everywhere and everything hanging out, at least I was able to get some sleep!

Speaking of eating, it's time for me to feed her again, so we'll head upstairs.


Kris said...

I love the photos and updates. She's so cute and I love her smiles.

Rachel said...

Elanor has the greatest expressions. LG, my son, has good expressions too, but I never can capture them with the camera. As soon as he sees the camera, he gets distracted.

Oh, and I think your nephew looks a lot like you.

Isabel said...

Glad you got some stuff at ON. I might have to head there today after work.

And K, I almost cried when I saw the picture of Elanor in the bassinet. What a touching story to do along with it. An awesome family tradition.

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!