Monday, February 18, 2008

quick update

The weekend went fine, despite being very tiring and somewhat overwhelming. But overall, it was good. We got home about 9:30 last night, and this morning Elanor and I spent a few hours running errands which are easier to do with a car before we returned the rental we drove back from Portland -- grocery shopping, buying cat food and cat litter, taking some groceries for the week to Papa at work, etc.

Then we headed downtown to return the rental car, have a very fun lunch with Isabel, and then do one of my favorite things: hang out downtown and browse through the shops. The afternoon was capped off with a huge first, as the two of us rode the bus home.

A post about Elanor's big weekend and about her first bus ride are forthcoming, hopefully tonight. (I'm working on uploading the pictures to Flickr now.) I've also got a post in the works about our decision to be carless with a baby. It's taking longer than I wanted to write but I'll work on it this week and get it posted soon.


Rachel said...

OK, I want to know how you spent several hours running errands if you are breastfeeding, and you don't have a car. I am jealous you were able to do it.

We have a car and LG always needs to eat whenever I try to leave the house, so I always end up sitting in the back seat nursing him. The one attempt at giving LG a bottle when we weren't at home didn't work because he wants his milk warm. I have discovered that our mall has a nursing room, but other than that there just isn't an appropriate place to nurse when you are in the grocery store.

I'm glad your weekend went well. And I am jealous of getting to wander around Seattle, it's such a neat city.

Isabel said...

It was so fun to see you and to finally meet Elanor.

So, did you score any good deals at the Old Navy sale??