Wednesday, February 20, 2008

why is it...

...that when I'm lying in bed at night, trying to go to sleep, I can think of about 7 things I want to blog about, but when I sit down at the computer to type, I can't think of what I wanted to say?

So annoying!

Oh, yeah -- I guess one thing I was going to do was post a recap of the weekend.

Elanor's first road trip went moderately well. She definitely got tired of the carseat at times, necessitating Brett to contort his arm behind the seat and pop a finger in her mouth (I don't know how he does it, especially when her seat is right behind his; I guess his arms are a cross between those of Inspector Gadget and Gumby).

Traffic was terrible on the way down to Portland last Thursday, so after having been sitting for over two hours and only being just to the north part of Tacoma (a trip that usually takes about 40 minutes), we decided to stop and find some food for us and feed and change Elanor.

We pulled into a Taco Time and Brett stayed in the car with her while I ran in to go pee and get our food. We had decided to have what Brett's family always called a car picnic (a fancy way of saying that we would just eat in the car) so we wouldn't have to bring Elanor inside.

I came back out with our food, and as luck would have it, Elanor was really hungry right that second. (She seems to have some kind of radar about being really hungry just as Mama is getting ready to eat.) So, I started feeding her right away, while also trying to eat my dinner. (Have you ever tried to nurse a baby while eating a fast food burrito? Yeah, it's definitely not easy. But thankfully, I did it without dropping beans & cheese on myself or the baby, so all things considered, I would say it was a success.)

I wanted to change her diaper before we got on the road, so I got in the back and set everything up with the changing pad on the seat, a task which required that I move everything that had been packed on the back seat into the way back. (We were not thinking clearly when we packed the car. Then again, when have we ever needed to change a baby on the back seat before?)

Finally, I had everything ready and Brett handed her back to me. I set her on the pad and got her diaper off. As I moved to put the diaper in the garbage bag, I realized that she was peeing, all over the seat.

I shreiked, then started cracking up. Brett was laughing, too, and then he said, "Happy Valentine's Day, Leen. Sorry it's not more exciting and that you have to spend it in the back seat of the car with a peeing baby in a Taco Time parking lot in Tacoma."

And that was when I realized that next to the Valentine's Day five years ago when Brett proposed, this Valentine's Day, spent in a Taco Time parking lot in Tacoma, trying to eat my burrito while feeding a baby, followed by watching my baby pee on the back seat -- well, this Valentine's Day was probably the best one yet.

More trip recap to come...including Elanor's first meeting with her Great-Grandma Dori and her first big party.

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Xin Lei said...

Ahh, welcome to the joys of changing infants in the car! Dustin and I came up with something called "the air change". One of us would hold E up in the air (outside the car), the other would just rip the diaper off, let it drop to the plastic bag set on the ground, and do the necessary quick wipes before putting on a fresh diaper. Car interior saved, nasty scents stayed outside, and all is right with the world until the next watery blow-out :). I could write a whole blog post about the interesting places we've stopped at to change diapers.