Monday, February 25, 2008

yummy? I think so!

I've heard lots of people refer to babies as being "cute enough to eat." I've also heard people say, "I just want to gobble him up!" in reference to a baby.

Well, we've discovered a new spin on that concept.

Let me preface this by saying that I wear Elanor most of the day, either in the Moby Wrap (our favorite!) or in the Ergo Carrier. I've told Brett that wearing her on the outside bears a lot of similarities to being nine months pregnant: your center of gravity is totally different and you are front-heavy, leading to backaches and a skewed sense of balance, and also you have a giant baby in between you and whatever you want to do, whether it be wash your hands, pee, do dishes, cook, or, the one that I struggle with the most, eat.

I usually wind up eating my meals with Elanor in one of the carriers because while she'll sleep contentedly in one of them, she'll scream if I put her down. This results in a curious problem: trying to avoid dropping food on the baby.

Brett and I are both guilty of dropping food on her, no matter how careful we are. There have been many times I've gone to change her diaper and found toast crumbs in her onesie, or have leaned down to kiss her head and noticed it smelled like coffee, or have taken her out of the carrier to change her diaper and found a macaroni noodle stuck to her pants. The best is finding crumbs in her neck folds. I don't know how they get in there because her neck is so fat I can barely get at it to clean it, but somehow crumbs seem to work their way in regardless of any fat rolls in the way. (I try to wipe her neck off a couple of times a day; between the crumbs and the spit-up, it gets nasty pretty quickly.)

I suppose this is just something that comes with the territory of figuring out how to be a parent, and balancing taking care of her with taking care of our basic needs -- like eating.

Sure, it's a little grody to be finding crumbs in her neck fat. But there's not really much I can do about that other than clean it up often -- that is, if I want to eat regularly.

All that said, I think she cleans up pretty nicely, don't you? (And yes, that was a shameless and not-very-seamless transition to showing photos of my kid.)


Daisy said...

Oh my Elanor really six weeks old already? That is so funny about dropping food on her. Miriam used to get rashes on her neck because stuff got stuck and she would throw a fit if I tried to wipe her down.

Michelle said...

Oh, your comments about neck fat really bring me back. When my little brother was a baby, he had about 3 chins, and when my mom gave him a bath I had to come in and hold his chins up so she could wash his neck. Now he's 14 and has only 1, how time flies.