Tuesday, March 18, 2008

home again, home again, jiggity jig

Ok, I've started two posts about our trip last week, and both are boring laundry lists of what we did. So I'll just say that overall, it was good. Elanor did great on the plane rides, and seeing Daisy was fantastic. We had an amazing time. I don't think we stopped talking all week! Our time in Oregon was good, mostly -- we were there for Brett's cousin's dad's funeral, which was very sad. But it was good to see our families, and good to meet Brett's cousin's new baby.

Overall, I'm really glad to be home. It was a long week, and Elanor and I missed Brett a lot.

There are pics up on flickr -- the link is over in the sidebar.

I've got some other updates to post soon, one really fun, and one that makes me cry. But right now I have a crying baby on my lap and about 9,000 things to do today, so unfortunately this is a short post!

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Xin Lei said...

glad you made it there and back safely...yay for surviving your first plane ride with Elanor!