Friday, March 07, 2008

March 10: Two months

I am posting this a little early because come Sunday morning, I am off to Denver to visit my friend Daisy!! We had talked for months about me trying to come while I am on leave, and it looked like it wasn't going to work. Then, this week, I looked at tickets, and I was able to get one with some of our airmiles -- if I went from this Sunday to Thursday. While it will be hard to be away from Brett for so long, I am really looking forward to spending the time with Daisy!

After that, I am flying straight to Portland Thursday night, where I will meet up with Brett. On Friday morning, we are going down to Roseburg to be with Brett's cousin and his wife, as Brett's cousin's dad just passed away last week and the service is next Saturday. Please keep Brett's cousin and his wife in your prayers; they just had a baby last week as well. What a stressful time.

After that, we will head back to Portland, and then take the train back to Seattle next Sunday night. It's going to be a whirlwind week, that's for sure! At any rate, I doubt I'll be able to get much blogging in while I'm gone, so expect a big update when I return!


Dear Elanor,

Eight wonderful weeks have now passed since you were born! I know this is a very cliche mom-type thing to say at every milestone, but it seems like just yesterday that I was getting to hold you for the first time.

You have changed and grown so much during these four weeks, and we've done many new and exciting things, and you've met many great people. I barely know where to begin!

The first weekend of the month held a lot of meetings for you, as well as your first road trip! Papa and I took you down to Portland to see once again everyone who came to your birth as well as to meet the rest of our extended family.

One person whom we were very excited for you to meet was your Great-Grandma Dori. You are her first great-grandchild, and your middle name is her last name, Naudain. We took a special picture of you with Papa, Noni, and Great-Grandma Dori to commemorate the meeting.

You were also able to meet your Great-Grandpa Buz. We took a special picture of you with Papa, Grumps, and Great-Grandpa Buz as well.

Another big first this month was that you and I took your first bus ride!

We rode the #17 home from downtown. You did great and slept almost all the way. Since then, we've taken the bus almost every day, and you have been wonderful every time. Even if you fuss a little, you usually calm down if you can suck on my finger or if I bounce you. Sometimes, if the ride is bouncy enough on its own, that's enough to calm you down. And goodness knows, with as bad as Seattle's streets are, that's the case more often than not.

A funny first is that you took your first shower in the big people tub. Papa was in the shower on a Sunday afternoon, and he said to hand you in, since we'd been planning to give you a bath later that day anyway. While you still love taking baths in your tub, I don't think you liked the shower too much!

You also got to meet your fellow babies from our childbirth class at our reunion last week. Although you are the second youngest, you are by far the biggest!

I've noticed that you're a baby who likes to be in motion. A lot of times, if Papa or I stand still when we're holding you or wearing you in the Moby or the Ergo, your cries of protest are loud and demanding. Once we start bouncing or moving again, you are happy.

You still love to be worn in the Moby or the Ergo. If we're out and about, something I try to do every day, you tend to fall asleep most contentedly. When we are home, however, you don't sleep as soundly in the carriers. I have wondered if falling asleep when we're out is your response to all of the stimulus; it's just easier for you to fall asleep than to process everything that is going on around you.

One major milestone is that you have finally figured out how to get your own hands into your mouth! Papa or I will be holding you and we will suddenly hear a hilarious and loud slurping sound, and we'll look down to find you sucking on your fist like it's a popsicle on a summer day, and it's melting faster than you can eat it.

Also, the other night you were holding a rattle and you tried to put it in your mouth, missed, and tried again. It's clear that you're learning the relationship between your hands and your body!

One of my favorite milestones thus far is how you will smile back at Papa and me when we smile at you and talk to you. It is really fun to see and makes me feel all gooey inside when you grin back! You even giggled for the first time a few days ago when I was changing your diaper.

You're also content to be on your own in your rocking chair or swing -- or even, sometimes, your car seat -- for a little while these days, just looking around and seeing everything that's going on nearby. While we love holding you and snuggling you, these intervals are a welcome break for Papa and me, as our arms do get tired from time to time and it's much easier to make dinner or do laundry or go to the bathroom when you're not holding a baby!

A difference we've noticed as you've gotten more alert over the past month is that you tend to be fussy more often. You're so much more attuned to your world that when things aren't going the way you want them to (i.e., you're not being held, or else we are not interacting with you), you let us know right away. I think if we were the kind of parents who wanted to put you down all the time we'd term you a fussy baby. As it is, since you like it when we wear you, you are pretty easy to make happy and we can't really call you a very fussy baby.

Swaddling is still a must at nighttime, and you still wake up every three hours or so to eat. It's definitely starting to wear on me a bit, but considering that I feel about a million times less tired than I did when I was pregnant, I think I can handle it. You go to bed when we do, and you sleep snuggled right up next to me or Papa. You won't sleep unless you are in one of our laps or we are holding you or we are lying right next to you in bed, even during the day. All of your naps are in the Moby or the Ergo or in our laps, and as a result I am getting a little concerned about what we will do for naps once I go back to work. I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Your hair is even more wild than it was before, as it continues to grow. We call it your Mo-Mullet, as you have a mohawk on top and a mullet in the back. It is getting long! I love the mohawk on top; it's really quite adorable. You do have a couple of bald-ish patches right on the sides of your head behind your temples, although I have no idea why. Everyone we meet comments on how much hair you have.

Unfortunately, you're still spitting up quite a bit. For the most part, it's not accompanied by crying, and you are clearly gaining weight well, so we don't think it's reflux. We just have to have at least one backup outfit with us every time we go out, and some days, I have to change your clothes up to six times -- and my own nearly as many. I am certainly getting more disciplined at doing laundry right away; gone are the days of wearing my pajamas for a week or two before I washed them, or of wearing a shirt twice. Chances are, whatever it is I am wearing will be covered in spit-up or breastmilk or some combination thereof before noon. You did spit up in Papa's beard the other day, which made me laugh.

Also, you can toot and burp like a champion. Sometimes you are so loud, I think it's your papa tooting or burping instead! The best is when you do so at inappropriate times, like last week, when you burped very loudly during the prayer time at community group. Papa and I couldn't stop laughing!

You are the most wonderful baby, my girl. I love being your mama. Papa and I both think that you make our family complete. Each day is a fantastic adventure, seeing you make a new face, master a new skill, or feeling you snuggle up against me. I wouldn't trade it for the world.



Kris said...

Yay! I love these posts! Good luck on your trip.

C said...

Hope you and Elanor have a WONDERFUL trip! That pic of her and Brett asleep cracks me up--she really is a snuggler, isn't she?

andbabybmakesthree said...

What a sweet post!! I love reading about your adventures!! Hard to believe now, but it gets even MORE fun as you go along! :)


p.s. My 13-month-old has like 1/3 of the hair that Elanor does!! LOL

Katy said...

She is just too adorable. Some of those pictures are priceless!!

Isabel said...

What a great post. So full of good memories and beautiful pictures. It brought a tear to my eye.