Wednesday, March 05, 2008

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Elanor and I had a great day today. We took a nap together (she is so snuggly I can hardly stand it), worked on this post, made a fantastic dinner (more about that later) and went on a great walk with Leah and her baby Adeline, who is three weeks older than Elanor. The four of us (well, Leah and I, who were both wearing our babies) walked/hiked down the trail to Golden Gardens. It was a little strenuous but worth it. The day was gorgeous, so bright and sunny, and the Olympics were in full view across the water.

All in all, it was a great day.

And now, on to the rest of my post. Although I've highlighted a few of the links in my sidebar before, I thought it might be fun to tell a little about each of the ones I have listed now, since I just cleaned up the list.

Amalah -- The blog that started me back into blogging. I found Amalah through the Snarkies, and have read it for almost three years now. I love her funny and honest perspective on being a mom, and am excited to read more as she prepares to become a mom to two in the fall. I remember reading her blog a few years back and feeling really motivated to blog more.

Clarity and Grey -- My friend Annie's blog. I've known Annie since we were, oh, about eight, and we met at a birthday party. We met again in the church library when we were about 12 and I thought she was really cool because she had a cape instead of a coat. Now, she is a mom to a gorgeous daughter and is expecting baby number two in April. She is a very wise woman and I love reading her thoughts on life and also on being a mama.

Dooce -- Another blog I found through the Snarkies. I don't read it as much these days as I used to, but again, I appreciate her often funny and always honest perspective on parenthood, especially regarding her issues with PPD.

Evening Cicada Song -- My friend Daisy's blog. I've talked about Daisy here before; she was my freshman roommate at SPU. I couldn't have asked for a better person with whom to be randomly paired! We are still good friends and can spend hours talking about everything from our kids to our lives to...well, you name it, and we probably talk about it!

Everybody Doesn't Like Brett Walker -- Of course, a totally untrue statement. Heh. Anyway, this is Brett's website where he keeps a blog occasionally and also posts his artwork. So if you're curious as to what he does, check it out.

Far Side of the Sea -- My friend Marci's blog. I've talked about Marci a lot on this blog; she and her husband Caleb are some of our closest friends. We met them in Maine and they later moved here to Seattle. They now live in Rhode Island while Caleb is getting his MFA and I miss them SO MUCH.

Hola, Isabel -- I think Isabel and I found each other's blogs through the comments section on Amalah's site a few years ago. Then I moved back to Seattle, we discovered that we worked only a few blocks from each other, and we started having lunch together regularly. Now we meet up around once a month, which is not, in my opinion, often enough!

It's a Chongtastic Life -- A Snarkie blog. Chong, aka Tiffany, is an original Snarkie with a great sense of humor, and I love reading about her son.

Joel and Sarah -- Friends from my Marston days at SPU. Sarah and I both lived on Second South Marston our freshman year, and Joel lived in the room below Daisy and me. They are now married to each other and teaching English in China. I love reading about their adventures as they discover China!

McGee Unplugged -- My friend Kristina's blog. Kristina and I worked together on the newspaper in Maine. We got to be good friends during that time; I definitely miss being able to hang out! I like reading about her experiences with her son, and am looking forward to reading about her life after baby #2 arrives in the spring!

Miriam, My Love -- My friend Daisy's other blog, which is mostly about her daughter.

Miss Doxie -- Another blog I found through the Snarkies. Although Leigh doesn't update very often, her posts are always worth the wait. They usually make me laugh so hard I cry. Her stories of life in general, and, especially, her stories of her dachshunds, are hilarious.

Mom to Two Boys -- Another Snarkie blog. This is my friend Stacey's blog about life as a Christian mom to two boys, and now she has another on the way, due in the fall. I enjoy reading her perspectives on parenting. She's a Godly woman whose opinions and views I definitely respect.

Muffy, Insecurity at its Best -- Another Snarkie blog. This is my friend Stephanie's blog about life as a mom to two boys. They are both adorable little guys!

Parental Discretion Advised -- A blog I found through Hola, Isabel. This blog belongs to Bree over at What're *you* lookin' at?, which I'll talk about in a minute. (I have to go in alphabetical order, you know.) It's her more parenting-focused blog, since, hey, it's hosted by Parents Magazine!

Raspberry Chip -- I found Rachel's blog last year during the time around the miscarriage. She had one a few weeks before I did, so we connected that way. She then got pregnant a few weeks before I did and is now mom to a little boy.

Rebecca Sankey -- I've known Becca almost as long as I've known Annie. We met at church in early high school, and our families have been friends ever since. It's fun to keep tabs on what she and her husband Luke are up to, since we don't get to see each other often, unfortunately. (We never seem to be visiting our families in Portland at the same time...bummer!)

Red, Whine, and Boo -- Another Snarkie blog. Mama A and Mama E (I'll use their blogging pseudonyms here) both live in the Portland, Oregon area. Mama A and I usually try to get together when I'm down there visiting; we usually manage it about once every three visits or so. I love reading about their absolutely adorable kids!

So Close -- Another blog I found through the Snarkies. Tertia lives in South Africa and is mom to twins, whom she conceived after a very long battle with infertility and pregnancy loss. Her blog is always truthful, usually funny, and I love reading it.

Tales of KYT -- Another Snarkie blog. Lisa writes really honestly about being a mom to her two boys, and about the struggles she often faces as a working mom.

The Amazing Adventures of Overshare -- Yet again, a blog I found through the Snarkies. In it, Anonymous writes about her oversharing co-worker, Overshare. It's laugh-out-loud hilarious, and even though she doesn't update too often, it's worth the wait.

The Four-Chambered Heart -- My friend Arianna's blog. Arianna and I met through mopeds; she's a fellow member of the Mosquito Fleet here in Seattle. Her fiance Brendan and Brett are good friends, too.

The Seattle Krombeins -- My friends' Katie and Jon's blog. Katie and I met on our first day at SPU, and we traveled to France together in 2001 as teaching assistants for the French class on Dr. Davis' France trip. Jon and I met in high school French class, actually. It's funny that we all went to SPU and now those two are married. Anyway, their blog is mostly about their adorable little boy.

This Sorta Fairytale -- Another Snarkie's blog. This one is my friend C's blog. She's one of my closest friends, and while we're both at work, we usually email back and forth about 20 times a day, sometimes more. Unfortunately, that's dropped off since I've been home and found time to type at a premium, but it's nice she has this blog about her life and her son Luke -- it's an easy way to stay caught up!

This Tiny Offering -- My friend Bree's blog. Bree and I met at SPU, when we lived on Second Hill, and bonded forever over nasty refrigerators and overflowing dishwashers when we lived together in a house with about seven other girls during the summer of 2001.

What're *you* lookin' at? -- Frema/Bree's original blog. (Parental Discretion Advised is her spin-off blog.) Bree was pregnant about five weeks ahead of me, so it's been fun to read about her pregnancy and about her maternity leave, since she's just ahead of where I am. Plus, she's dang funny, and her daughter is adorable and just about as chubby as Elanor.

Whew! So that is it for now. I hope you enjoy reading some of these blogs; I know I do!

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