Saturday, April 19, 2008

Carless in Seattle

So, that cool thing I've been talking about lately, that I've been promising to share with all of you?

Well, here it is: I am the newest columnist for Seattle Mom Blogs! I'll be writing a weekly column called Carless in Seattle, which will (obviously) be about our carless lifestyle, as well as our other efforts to live in an environmentally friendly way.

Here's the link to my column: Carless in Seattle.

You'll notice, too, both the Seattle Mom Blogs badge and the Carless in Seattle badge in the sidebar. Both of those should (if I can set them up right) link to the site and to my page.

So check it out! I know all of you moms can find something relevant on there, especially you Puget Sound ladies. There are lots of other columns about all things mom-related and Seattle-related. Poke around; I know you'll enjoy it!

Here's where I need your help: if you have questions about our carless lifestyle, feel free to ask them here by posting a comment. I'll ask readers over there to post their questions, too, and I'll answer them in various posts over there.

See you over at Seattle Mom Blogs!


Kris said...

Very exciting. Congrats!

Daisy said...

Great posts!! I'm quite envious of you. I'm terrified of driving (everyone is out to kill--especially in Saint Louis)but we don't have much of a choice, living in the suburbs. I miss the Seattle buses...that ride up Queen Anne from SPU. It was so relaxing.