Thursday, May 01, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been really busy; besides having our moms in town (mine from the 12th to the 19th and Brett's from the 20th to the 26th, my sister and my niece were also in town from the 26th until yesterday. Plus we were getting Brett ready to go to the United States Barista Competition in Minneapolis to compete again, so that has made things a little crazy as well.

He's in Minneapolis now, living the high life, apparently, since he got bumped to first class on his flight and he's staying in a really nice hotel. He won't be back until Monday night around 11 p.m., so it's just Elanor and me until then. I'm taking vacation from work tomorrow and Monday; I figured if he got to go out of town without me the least I could do was take vacation and stay home with my girl!

I'm really excited for him to compete. This will be his third competition, and he just keeps getting better. His signature drink this time is out of this world amazing, and his cappuccinos are pretty incredible as well. I wish I could be there to see him! Ah, well, I guess the live blog will have to do. Anyway, if you think of it tomorrow (Friday) around noon, say a prayer for him!

Our visits from our family members were really fun. It was good to get to spend time with all of them and I know they all loved having one-on-one time with Elanor! It's so nice being close enough for them to come visit easily; since they're in Portland it's only about 3 hours. Much closer than if we were still in Maine!

Hmm, what else? I'm pretty exhausted. Working full-time and having a baby is seriously tough, especially since Brett's been working from 6 a.m. to usually around 9 p.m., doing both his regular job and all of his competition prep. I'll be really glad when he's home and we can get our lives into some semblance of a routine -- one that will hopefully include having help in the evenings and going to bed by 10:30.

Elanor is hilarious these days. She coos and squeals and laughs and loves to interact. The little sounds she makes are SO adorable. I cannot get enough of them! I need to record them; maybe I'll try my hand at a video post when Brett gets back from Minneapolis with the video camera.

She's also cutting teeth. Her two bottom ones have been little nubbins below her gums for a couple of weeks now, but in the past day or two they've gotten much more pronounced and red. She sits and sucks/chews on her fingers or her lower lip all the time, and is constantly putting toys in her mouth and gnawing on them. She's very, very close to rolling over, and she's grabbing toys and putting them in her mouth now.

I feel like there were a number of things I wanted to blog about, things that are far more interesting than what I've written here, but I can't remember what they are. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe I'll remember them and have a chance to blog some more tomorrow or over the weekend!

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Liz said...

I found you through Isabel...and I just wanted to say that I'll now be blog stalking you. I mean that in a totally harmless, nice way.
Good luck to Brett in his competition. I now am desperate for a coffee drink. But not just any coffee drink, an OUT OF THIS WORLD COFFEE DRINK!
(and congrats on your Seattle Moms Blog gig! I just signed on with NYC Moms, myself)