Saturday, May 03, 2008

my husband is amazing

I just heard from Brett a little while ago -- he made the semi-finals at the United States Barista Championship!!!! I am so, so proud of him! This means that he is one of the top 25 baristas in the country! Plus, it means that he met his goal in going to the USBC: all he wanted to do was make the semi-finals, and he did!

He will go on around 2 p.m. central time tomorrow. If you want to watch, it is live online at this link. His co-worker Natasha made the finals as well; she goes on first at 9 a.m. central time.

The competition in this round will be fierce; there are several past USBC winners in the group, plus he is up against all of the people who one the regional competitions this year. Still, like I said, he made his goal, so I'm sure that anything else is just icing on the cake for him.

Ever since I got his text message this afternoon that he made the finals, I cannot stop thinking about how incredible he is. I am so proud of him and so amazed by his talent, skill, and hard work. He has really worked his butt off the past month or so getting ready for this. I'm thrilled that it is paying off, and I'm honored to be married to such a hard-working and talented man.

Say a prayer for him (and for Natasha) tomorrow, if you think of it!


Kris said...

That's awesome. Grats to Brett!

Rachel said...

Wow, to be one of the best in you field is awesome!

Isabel said...'d it go?!