Friday, May 09, 2008

you know you're tired when...

You see a headline and think, "Why are they talking about mushrooms seizing Beirut neighborhoods?"

And then you realize that they're talking about Shiites, not Shiitakes.


I'm really tired. I would really like some decent sleep, and soon...but it's probably too much to hope for. Even a couple of hours of uninterrupted, solitary sleep would be lovely. But that's not likely to happen anytime soon, for multiple reasons, including the fact that this weekend is going to be busy. Good, and full of lots of fun socializing, but really busy.

This working parent thing is hard. Before I left for work this morning, Elanor was being fussy, but when I'd pick her up she'd calm right down. It was so hard to leave her, even though she's with Brett, knowing that she was upset and I could calm her but I couldn't because I had to go to work. I can't even think about her right now without feeling really sad; I miss her so much.

Oh well; I guess this is just what life is like these days. I'm trying to have a positive outlook (and, really, most days I'm succeeding moderately well; today just happens to be a grumpy/tired/meh day) and be thankful that I have a job at a stable company, where the pay is fair, the boss is nice, the benefits are good, and the co-workers are people with whom it's fun to spend nine hours a day.

Ok, rant over...thanks for listening.


molly said...
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molly said...

my first comment went wacky...
i found your blog by total coincidence! first of all, i am brendan barrans' sister-in-law (married to his oldest brother, ryan). i linked to your blog through your carless in seattle blog on seattle mom blogs. i found your blog to be very interesting and fun to read. i love your writing and appreciate your honesty! needless to say, i just kept reading and reading and saw your references to the mosquito fleet and moped army. crazy coincidence, right? also, i had dinner on mother's day with kevin, leah, brendan, and arianna and they were telling me about "their friend brett's" little girl, which i assume is elanor. (i have a 4 month old girl)...then i happened upon your blog today! the coincidence makes me laugh. maybe i'll meet you some day...

Isabel said...

I just got off the phone with Kathleen's husband.

Kathleen is okay, but she's in the hospital right now without access to the internet.

Brett said that Kathleen was worried about her blog! During all this...such devotion!

I'll let you tell her all about it when she comes home next week.

But, for now, please keep her and her little family in your prayers.