Friday, June 20, 2008

Elanor update

I haven't talked much about Elanor lately; it's time I updated a bit!

She is growing so fast; she is so much more of a big, interactive baby than she was a couple of months ago.

Her five-month birthday was last week. Obviously, she can sit up and likes to reach for everything these days!

She's very aware of the environment around her. She won't nurse or sleep in loud/crowded/distracting situations anymore, and she loves being out in the world and looking at everything. The grocery store and Target are two of her favorite places; she loves seeing all of the people and colors and objects.

One of her bottom teeth popped through last week. Her Noni calls it her "razor ridge," since it is as sharp as a razor. We joke that Razor Ridge sounds like a subdivision name. Ha. That said, we are waiting for Razor Ridge, Phase II -- it looks like bottom tooth #2 is ready to pop through any day now.

Elanor can now roll from her back to her tummy and to her back again. She loves to play on a blanket on the floor and will roll over and over and over again until she is off the blanket and across the room. We have to watch her every second. Now that she is mobile, I know our lives will never be the same!

She likes to chew on EVERYTHING now, and she's starting to show preferences for various toys that are chew-friendly, like spinny bird (she loves nom-ing on his beak) and Elo-the-Elephant (she loves nom-ing on his crinkly ears).

Diaper changes are becoming a huge challenge since she learned how to roll. Now all she wants to do is roll around and reach behind her to grab anything and everything that's sitting there. She arches her back and reaches her hand back; it looks like she is trying to do a bridge or something. Getting the diaper and clothes on is...well, not easy anymore.

She also looooves the sound of her own voice. She squeals and laughs and coos, and it's just adorable to hear. I guess we shouldn't be encouraging the really loud happy screaming...but it's just too cute to discourage.

We fed her some rice cereal the other night for the first time. She loved it and ate it all up. She was a complete mess afterward (um, duh, Mama should have used a bib) but it was really fun to see her gobble it up.

There are tons more details I could add about her, but I'll stop here. I can say for certain that we are majorly blessed with an incredible, happy, adaptable baby. That's been key this past month, with so much chaos and with so many people coming in and out of her life. She's still a ton of fun and Brett and I love her more and more every day!


A short update on other items: I go back to work on Monday, which I am not really looking forward to. Lots of reasons for that; I definitely miss my co-workers but I just love being home with I get really tired during the day; I am hoping I can handle it. Thankfully I am only going back for 20 hours a week, at least to start -- so I will be working 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Thursday for at least a few weeks, but hopefully indefinitely.

Also, a big shout-out to all of the PPCM-ers from the PPCM board...*waving*...I'm glad I found you guys! Welcome to my blog!

We have a busy weekend; some friends are getting married tomorrow and Brett is the best man. In fact, I should wrap up this post because I just looked at the clock and realized I have less than an hour to shower and get ready before I have to meet them at the rehearsal dinner! YIKES! I'm out of here...


Rachel said...

She is adorable as usual, thanks for the update.

I'm glad to hear you are OK too.

C said...

That last picture of you with her is just melting my heart right now! You both look so happy together.

One idea on how to deal with diaper changes--give her something to hold and examine while you change her. We give Luke a board book during changes and it's seriously saved my sanity.

Lots of luck at work tomorrow!

molly said...

elanor is a doll! it just gets more and more fun from here. i absolutely LOVE this age!

it was great to finally "officially" meet you at the wedding and i think you are lovely. i see playdates in our future....

Anonymous said...

Just love that smile. Yours and hers.