Friday, June 27, 2008

finally summer!

It's finally feeling like summer around these parts. We had several weeks of crappy, rainy, windy, wintry weather, which left Brett's mom (who was visiting at the time) and me shivering and looking outside with confusion and, let's face it, a small sense of being personally affronted -- how could it be early June and 40 degrees and raining? HOW?

Anyway, it appears those days have passed. The forecast for this weekend is that it's supposed to be in the mid-80's, the low 90's, even! While that's a bit too warm for my comfort, hey, I'll take it -- at least the sun is out!

One awesome thing about having the sun out is that it's doing wonders for our garden. Brett's been working hard on getting yummy things to grow since sometime in March, when he started seeds inside. He has since built a raised bed in the back yard, lined it with hemp coffee bags, filled it with rich soil from our compost pile, and planted in it a large array of yummy, yummy things.

We were worried when it was so cold and rainy that a lot of the plants wouldn't survive. But thankfully it appears that they were hardier than we thought -- we were able to harvest and eat the firstfruits of Brett's labors this week!

Here he is next to the garden, holding up the first results: a radish. Hooray! Good job, Bretto!

And here he is, munching the radish. We each took turns taking bites of it until it was gone, and boy, was it tasty. Sweet and watery and crisp at first, and really sharp and spicy on the other end. SO good.

Hopefully we'll have some more veggies soon. The tomato plants and squash plants are flowering, and the carrots are thriving, and several unidentified plants are growing well, too. (Brett didn't label them when he planted them from their seed pots into the ground, and now we are completely stumped as to what they are. We think some are arugula, and some possibly leeks...I may have to do some Googling to figure it out.)

We had a salad last night that included radishes from the garden and cherry tomatoes from our indoor tomato plant. Not only was it really tasty, it felt wonderful to be eating things we'd grown ourselves! I'm so excited to eat more out of our garden as the summer progresses.


Again, a small footnote-style update on my health and Elanor...
  • Health: I'm doing ok after my first week back at work. I worked 20 hours -- five hours a day, for four days. It was tiring, that's for sure, and I'm so very thankful I didn't have to work 40 hours because I don't know how I would have managed it. As it was, I had to come home and nap on both Wednesday and Thursday...which was lovely, I must admit, to climb into bed in the middle of the afternoon and snuggle with Elanor for an hour or two. Blissful. That said, I don't feel 100% great. In fact, after working, I feel more tired and yucky (read: out of breath and having palpitations) than I have in several weeks. (Don't worry; I'm going to call my doctors this afternoon to ask them about all of this.) But I'm managing, and I'm hoping it will get better. "Take it easy" seems to be my theme these days. Everyone says it: Brett, my boss, my mom, Brett's mom, co-workers, friends...everyone. I'm not really sure what taking it easy should look like...but that's a topic that kind of deserves its own post, so maybe I'll address that later this week.
  • Elanor: She's great. I love her. She woke up at 9 this morning, stretched really big, opened her eyes, saw me, grinned, looked over and saw Brett, and grinned again. It's like she saw us and thought, "Oh, YOU'RE here! Hooray! Oh, and YOU are, TOO! I am so HAPPY to see both of you!" We'll have to take her in her pool again this weekend since it's supposed to be nice. I am looking forward to that!
Also, a hello to those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time after (finally) getting a baby announcement. Welcome! I'm glad you are here! Don't be shy, feel free to comment if you like!


Xin Lei said...

loved the baby announcement...that photo is one of Dustin's favorites of Elanor :). Hopefully we'll see each other in a few weeks! I can't wait :).

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Just popped over from Seattle Mom Blogs.

Just read your whole health story! My Goodness!

Were you at the UW at all? I used to work in their labor and delivery unit...