Tuesday, July 15, 2008

our 15 minutes of fame

Brett's been experiencing quite the spurt of notoriety recently. As the ever-supportive wife by his side at all times (ha), I've been riding along on his coattails and have shared some of the recent media attention.

The barista competition was the first thing that thrust him into the spotlight. He had a picture and a mention in a Barista Magazine article (he's on page 23), which was fun. He'd leave the magazine open around the house when friends were over to see if they'd notice his picture.

If that wasn't enough, the beard competition that we attended in Bremerton last weekend has generated even more attention. Brett won second place in the Full Natural Beard with Styled Moustache category. (There are lots of mostly very dark pics on my Flickr if you want to take a look.) It was pretty hilarious. There's so much I could say about the beard competition but it really deserves its own post...and it's way too late at night for me to try to write that tonight.

There was a reporter from the Seattle Times at the competition. She wrote an article about it, and another reporter did some interviews on video, which are posted on their website.

Even more exciting than that, there was a photographer from Newsweek there. Yep, that Newsweek. He took some pretty awesome pictures of the event. Check out photo six. I think I look pretty ridiculous. Or angry. Or...something. I don't know. But I look silly.

Then, in addition to all of that, we went in to the studio at 710 KIRO tonight for an interview with Luke Burbank and Jen Andrews of Too Beautiful to Live (tbtl), a radio show that airs every weeknight. They heard about the beard competition from our friend Nikki, and wanted him to come in to talk about the beard. But then they read our websites and realized what had happened to me and wanted to talk about that, too.

So we spent about 45 minutes talking to the two of them about our lives, my heart, and Brett's beard. I kind of forgot I was on the radio; it was fun to talk with the two of them and, I'll admit, to talk about ourselves. (If this blog proves nothing else it at least proves I'm good at talking about myself.)

The archive of the show is up on their website for those of you who have an hour or so to sit and listen to us ramble on about everything from beards to being in a coma to music.

And for anyone who might actually have come here after I mentioned my blog address on the show, welcome! Thanks for taking the time to come over and take a look.

Ok, I gotta wrap this up. It's really late and I have to be up insanely early. Blech. Maybe I will get up a few extra minutes early (really, what's the difference between 6:20 and 6:40? not much) and go get a coffee for my bus ride. I'm finished with my book -- re-reading LOTR for about the eighth time [seriously, I'm a nerd where these books are concerned], I have a post brewing about that too -- so it would be a good day to listen to a podcast and sip a mocha on the bus.

So, yeah, we are sorta famous...kinda...hopefully we don't get too much of a big head about it.


Xin Lei said...

oh kathleeny...you make me laugh! The pic of Brett's beard are great...he never ceases to amaze me with his creativity and interests! Way to have a beard and flaunt it (wink).

Kris said...

Enjoy the fame while it lasts!

Bree said...

Oh my word, how am I friends with such odd characters. I was cracking up reading all of Brett's recent accolades. Quite the odd, oh i mean, impressive list of accomplishments.

Kristin said...

That's so cool you got so much media exposure with the beard competition. People at KOMO were all talking about it! I'm sure you were good on the radio since you have so much media experience :)

Joel said...

We listened to you guys on Luke Burbank's show, and it was so great! I actually listened to it twice, once by myself and once with Sarah. It was kind of like hanging out with you for a night! Great.