Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 14: Seven Months Old

This is almost a week late, but better late than never, I guess. It's been a busy and kind of crazy couple of weeks for us; I was sick again (ugh) and then the way life has gone lately, I haven't had much spare time to sit down and write anything coherent. This is the first chance I've had to finish this letter and get something posted. Elanor's asleep on the bed beside me so I'd better hurry up and post before she wakes up!


Dear Elanor,

Today you are seven months old. It seems sometimes like you are so much older than this; I often have to remind myself that you are just a little baby who doesn’t understand as much as I sometimes think you do.

At Carkeek Park, July 20

You seem to be continually ahead of the curve in terms of physical development, especially in getting teeth. You have four now – three on the bottom, one on the top – and two more top ones coming in. It’s been a rough week or so with that happening. I can tell that your top middle teeth have been the roughest so far. They are big and seem like they’ve really bothered you as they have been popping through. It's strange now to see you smile and have your mouth be full of teeth. Gone are your gummy baby grin days!

In a big-girl car seat on the way home from Portland, July 27

Along with teeth has come biting. It’s not so fun. You don’t know any better – although we are trying to teach you not to bite – so we can’t get mad when you do bite us, but it hurts! Your little teeth are really sharp.

At the pool with Mema holding you, July 26

Your preferred form of transportation is now a combination of crawling and scooting. You can also pull yourself up to standing and do so with startling regularity and growing ease. It’s actually quite frightening. You are so quick to move across the room or the bed or around your changing table, especially when you have a motivation like trying to grab the cat. (You love the cat, by the way, and will dart across the bed just to try to catch her. You think it’s the best thing ever. Her? Not so much.)

Playing and snuggling with Papa and Miss Kitty, August 3

You also seem to really know what Mama means now. I love it. You’ll be across the room and see me and say, “Mamamamamama” and reach out your little arms for me. It is the most precious and heart-melting thing I’ve ever heard.

Having a bath in Aunt Amy and Uncle Seth's sink, July 25

On that same note, you definitely know when someone other than me or Papa or Auntie Rachel is holding you, and there are lots of times when only one of us will do. Separation anxiety, they call it, which makes sense to me. Of course you’d be anxious at being separated from one of us; you are with one of the three of us 99% of the time so it’s probably weird and scary when suddenly none of us is right there.

Meeting baby Ezra at Leah & Kevin's wedding, August 2

You now eat fruit regularly, especially peaches, nectarines, and banana. You love peaches and nectarines! Auntie Rachel had the brilliant idea the other day to slice one and then freeze the slices before putting them in your mesh teething feeder, giving you a cold treat that not only tastes good, but also feels good on your teeth. (The upside for us is that it doesn’t get sticky juice everywhere since the juice is frozen.)

Family picture at Leah & Kevin's wedding, August 2

Your hair just continues to grow and grow. The hair on the top is thick and sort of strawberry blond, and the hair in the back is just very long and mullet-y. Or maybe rat-tail-y. Really, it’s like some insane combination of a mullet and a rat tail. I am not sure what we are going to do about it. Papa does NOT want it cut off; either he thinks it’s funny or he’s more emotionally attached to your hair than he lets on. (I’m guessing it’s a combination of both.) We’ll see what happens as the rest of your hair gets longer. We’ll have to even it out at some point.

A morning snuggle with Mama, August 8

You are still very chubby, that’s for sure, even though it seems to me that you’re evening out a little bit. Marci said the other night that it’s getting to where we can get occasional glimpses of what you’ll be like as a little girl. She’s totally right; every now and then I have this vision of you in six more months, a year, two years, which is both scary and wonderful at the same time.

Playing with Papa while watching the sunset at Sunset Hill Park, August 3

A few more milestones this month include going down to Portland again and swimming in the big pool at your Great-Grandpa Buz’s house (where we got to see not only lots of cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, but also friends like Molly and Carter, Yvette and her kids, Carmen and Giles and Greta, and Becca), getting a new big-girl carseat, attending a wedding, and getting to see Miriam again. It’s been a busy month, but a fun one.

With Daisy and Miriam, August 8

You grow more amazing every day, Elanor, and I can’t wait to see what the next months will bring!


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Xin Lei said...

Oh, the baby mullet...I remember when Fen had one of those :). Elanor is growing so quickly...with such a cute little smile! Thanks for the update Kathleeny...I know your time is precious, but I LOVE reading about your life :). Hugs!