Thursday, August 28, 2008

new domain name

I'm really excited to say that I have a new domain name: I've wanted to get my own name for a long time, but the impetus to jump in and do it has been that my friend Rosanna, who designed our gorgeous baby announcements, helped me design some business cards with my email address and website name.

She printed them today and they look beyond amazing. I will scan one and post it soon; it's really lovely. I'm thrilled with them. (I'm actually hoping to eventually take the plunge and move away from Blogger entirely at some point in the near future and do a website re-design that will incorporate elements of the cards. It will look really cool!)

(PS -- if you need any stationary made, like business cards, notecards, wedding invitations, baby announcements, basically anything you can dream up, you should talk to Rosanna. Her work with the letterpress is truly talented and she's working at building up a business so she's eager for projects. I'd be happy to send her email address to anyone who is interested.)

Any link listed as will continue to point here for the time being, until I move away from Blogger entirely, so that is convenient.

Ok, Brett just brought me some chocolate ice cream, so I'm going to enjoy it while I keep typing in over and over again just to see how fun it is to have my own domain name. I'm such a dork.


sunnyflower said...

i did the same thing when we first got !!! i totally understand!

yay for kathleen!!!

oh, and if you need web help, lemme know -- i'll give ya the homie price! :)

Xin Lei said...

i love having my own domain are not a dork ;). will you email roseanne's email address? i'm actually interested in doing some cards too...just "name cards" :). hope you have a great me if you're free!

molly said...

someday i shall have my own domain name!!! bwa ha ha...
it was fun seeing you at the roast yesterday...i always enjoy talking to you and playing with cute elanor!!

alex nguyen said...

hey! I'm looking for someone to work with me on making me business cards, care to connect me with Rosanna? :) thanks!