Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ack. I sat down to write a blog post and my mind is going in about a million different directions. That's what I get for not posting in a long time, I guess.

So for now I'll just post one thing; I might as well keep it short and get a post out and published before Elanor needs my attention again.

My last day at work is Thursday. I'm really excited to be home with Elanor and am sooo ready to just be done. It's hard to focus but I want to leave on a good note so I am making myself do it even though it's not easy.

That said, I'm feeling oddly conflicted about not getting up every day and going to a job. With the exception of my maternity leave, the time I was out on disability after my heart thing, and a very few random weeks here and there, I haven't not worked a "real" job since I was 15. FIFTEEN! Yikes. That's...well, suffice it to say it was a long time ago.

I've got to confess, too, that I'll truly miss some elements of going to work every day. I'll miss seeing my co-workers and interacting with them. I'll miss my bus commute, oddly enough, since it's a guaranteed hour or hour and a half a day when I get to just be alone to read and listen to my iPod. I'll miss going over the Ballard Bridge every morning as the sun is coming up. I'll miss being downtown and feeling the sense of busy-ness and energy I get whenever I am there. I'll miss having a parking pass that grants me 24-hour access to a garage in the city. I'll miss being able to go up on the roof of the building where I work at any hour of the day or night.

But all of those things aside, I truly am excited to be home with Elanor. I know it's what is best for her, for me, and for Brett, and I'm looking forward to finding a rythym and a niche that works for us.


Kris said...

Don't kid yourself, being a full time SAHM is a lot of work. It IS a real job and not an easy one either.

I also miss work... that's why I do the part-time thing. I need that time away from the kids just to be with adults.

And if Elanor is a good napper, you'll still get to listen to your iPod and read some good books. =-)

Xin Lei said...

I think all of us SAHMs miss the same elements of working an office job that you just wrote about...but the upside is that there IS opportunity to do that again...when life is a little less stressful and the little ones are older. I'm looking forward to reading your blog posts as you transition to your other full time job :).