Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Come September 19, I'm going to have a new boss.

She's short, and has wild hair, and can be temperamental and moody at times. She likes to yell and often gets her hands dirty, but at the same time she likes a laid-back environment where she can just sit and let it all hang out. She can also be full of crap and tends to drool over the littlest things.

But no matter how hard she can be to deal with from time to time, when she smiles at me, all of the bad stuff fades away and I feel happy.

Ok, since this analogy is getting really awkward I'll just cut it off and say what I'm getting at: Elanor is going to be my new boss! I quit my job today; my last day in the office will be September 18 and then I am going to stay home and take care of her full-time!

Brett got a promotion at work and some at-home opportunities have panned out for me, and with Rachel going back to school, the time was just right for me to make this change. Everything fell into place perfectly and in the perfect time; God's hand has so been present in this.

We are really excited for me to get to be home. Ever since I was in college, I've known that what I am supposed to do is be home with my family. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to do so. At times over the past several years, it's seemed like staying home was something completely out of reach for me. I'm so thankful that God has given me my heart's desire and made all of this happen.

Given how amazing my co-workers have been in the past year, I'm sad to leave them, and Brett and I did have to consider carefully if my job was worth walking away from. In the end, obviously, we decided that it is, since our family is worth more than any job -- no matter how wonderful the company and co-workers are -- could be.

I'm hoping that with this new phase in life I can do more with my blogs. I've been wanting to do more for a while, but just haven't had the time to dedicate to it. I hope that now I'll be able to. I miss writing regularly.

So, that said, it's late and I have a lot of knitting to do before Joel and Rosanna's wedding on Friday since I'm knitting some things for the ceremony, so I should either knit or go to bed. I do have to get up for work tomorrow...but after tomorrow, I'll only have to do it eight more times! HOORAY!


Xin Lei said...

WHOOHOO! I am so glad the kinks were able to be worked out with Brett's new position...I am so happy for you!!! Call me anytime you need to commiserate about your new little two bosses are similiar in management style (wink).

Andy said...

Congrats!! We came to the same decision this week, though sadly I'm not the one who gets to quit.

Kristin said...

I am so excited for you, Kathleen. I just absolutely can't wait for the time in my life when I can stay home with my family. Elanor will sooooo happy to spend her days with you!

Molly said...

OHHH Leen!!!! i cried when I read the words that you are able to stay home!!! what an amazing blessing, and yay for Brett getting a promotion!!!
i am just so happy for you guys!
WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! i am bursting for your family!!!
i love you guys!

ps i chatted with Marc a few days ago, and we were already talking about our yearly visit to see you guys!! yay!! as soon as things settle down with my job, i would like to come up and see you guys!! OH YAY!! i am just so excited for you guys!!

molly said...

lady, it's time to play. playdate! YOW!!

congratulations, btw. i need to know more about your at-home opps, too.