Monday, September 15, 2008


I was cleaning all of the personal stuff off the hard drive on my work computer in preparation for my last day, and I came across this picture, which was taken a year ago Saturday.

I had a hard time at first remembering why we were on the roof at my building. I think it was when Brett's sister Rachel and her friends came up to Seattle to go to a concert, but it sold out before they could get tickets so we went on the roof instead. If I'm remembering right, that weekend was also the first time anyone on the outside of me felt Elanor kick. Rachel was the lucky one to have that seems her connection with Elanor was present even then.


Xin Lei said...

oh how your life has changed in just one short year! I hope this friday goes smoothly...many goodbyes, but many new hellos to follow!

sara said...


My mom said that Elanor is sooo cute!!! Will you be in Portland over christmas?

Isabel said...

I always encourage pregnant ladies to take pictures of themselves while pregnant, but nobody ever wants to.

It's this exact reason that I think you's just so great to have a photo memory of those times.

(man, you were one cute knocked up lady!)