Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a new weekly feature and a staying home update

First of all, I'm going to start doing at least one weekly themed post. The one I've decided to try first is a Wednesday week in review post, which will usually be heavy on the photos, light on the text. My hope is that I'll eventually be able to post one photo for every day of the previous week, just to give some kind of snapshot of what we've been up to. This week's, though, is going to be a little less complete, since I don't have a photo from the first few days. I'll post what I have for this week below.

Second, Annie asked in the comments on my last post how my first week at home is going. It's going really well! Some things, of course, are different than I'd imagined or hoped they'd be, but that's to be expected. That said, some things are even better than I'd hoped. Here's a quick rundown.

Things I've done more than I expected:
  • Sleeping. I took a nap with Elanor today and it was great.
  • Trying to get Elanor to sleep. Even though she's tired in the mornings, she doesn't seem to want to nap.
Things I've done less than I expected:
  • Blogging. Clearly, since this is my first post of the week.
  • Laundry. I have a backlog that's been piling up since last week. I forced myself to do a few loads today, primarily because every towel in the house was dirty and I'd put the last sest of clean sheets on our bed. It's hard since the laundry is in the basement and there's nowhere down there that I can put Elanor where she'll be safe while I load the machines. I'll have to figure out a solution to this one, because I'm going to have to do laundry while Brett is gone, and thus far, I've only been doing it when he's home to watch her or when she is napping, hence the major backlog.
  • Cleaning. I've done a little every day, and have been able to at least maintain some standard of neatness around the house, but it's nearly impossible to deep clean a bathroom or to mop the floors when Elanor is awake. I guess this will have to be reserved either for nap time or for when Papa is home.
Things I've done about as much as I'd hoped:
  • Cooking. I've made dinner, including some sort of baked good, every day so far. Monday was cornbread, Tuesday was snickerdoodles, and today was a yummy beer bread.
  • Walking. We've taken a walk every day so far, which is good, because we both like to get out of the house and because the fresh air and exercise are good for us.
  • Enjoying. Basically, this, being home with Elanor and taking care of her and our home, is fantastic. Sure, it's different than I thought it would be in some ways, but almost nothing is ever what one expects it to be, so I'm fine with that. Overall, I'm thrilled to be home and to be taking care of my family every day.
And now, for the Wednesday week in review.

Friday: Brett's dad, otherwise known as Grumps, held a ready-for-bed Elanor as he and Brett were getting ready to go out to see our friend's band play. He and Noni came up to visit for the weekend.

Saturday: Brett made toast from some yummy sourdough bread on Saturday morning, and he gave Elanor the crust to chew on. I think she liked it.

Sunday: Brett's mom Noni was about to go back home to Portland. She was getting one last snuggle with Elanor before she and Grumps hit the road.

Tuesday: I had Elanor in the Ergo, ready to leave for community group, and I took a photo to document that the hat Brett's mom made before Elanor was born still fit.

Wednesday: Brett and Elanor enjoyed watching YouTube videos together after Brett got home from work.


Kris said...

I like your week in review. It's nice to know what you guys are up to these days. Glad things are going well at home with Elanor. A tip...if you have a gate, it works well to put it on the bathroom door so you can clean and keep Elanor at bay. As for the basement... guess it depends on the basement... I used to let Ryan just crawl around in ours... sit in the basket or play with a toy nearby.

Xin Lei said...

thanks for the update...loved all the pics :). I usually do laundry at night...just because our washer and dryer are in the basement too. I usually do a wash load and stick it in the dryer when I head to bed...then fold in the morning. If I do it every night (which is hard, but I try to remember), then the laundry never gets too overwhelming. Of course, there is always a time every few weeks or so that I do like 6 loads in one day :).

Kristin said...

So wonderful you are staying at home, that is my dream someday :) It will probably take some time, but you'll get into a system with the laundry and cleaning and Elanor. Have fun!