Saturday, September 27, 2008

probably not very interesting to non-parents as I talk about diapers ad nauseum

We've had a couple rough days, sleep-wise. Or I guess I should say lack of sleep-wise. Elanor's decided she doesn't want to nap much longer than 30 minutes at a stretch, and she also doesn't seem to want to go to bed until 11 p.m. All signs point to the fact that we're entering the nine-month developmental spurt/sleep regression: getting at least one more tooth, pulling up, crawling, babbling more, and the like. Knowing that helps, I guess, but it doesn't make the not sleeping easier. Sigh. She's asleep on me in the Ergo right now, and I really should go try to put her down in the bed and then get some things done around the house, but, well, I'm tired and I worked hard yesterday and Brett hasn't been home much this week to give me a break (he's at work now, even, on a Saturday), so I am going to blog instead.

Aaaaanyway, with that long and rambling introduction, I'll get started.

I have like four immediate things I want to blog about, but I guess I'll just pick one and then try to write up the others while Elanor is asleep so I can post them later this week.

For a while now, I've been wanting to get gDiapers. My friend Isabel uses them with her son and has been singing their praises for a while now, and I've heard good things about them elsewhere, too.

While we usually use cloth diapers at home (and let me just be very clear that I love, love, love my cloth diapers), we do occasionally use diposables: when we travel to Portland, when Elanor has a bad diaper rash and I want to load her up with diaper cream, or when I've been lazy and all our diaper covers are dirty.

But we've had some major problems with disposables lately. One result was this:

And the other was this:
It's obvious what happened in the first picture. She had a blowout of epic proportions. ( Thank you, Seventh Generation. )

In the second, she'd had another huuuuuge blowout, this time in a restaurant while we were on Bainbridge Island for Joel and Rosanna's wedding. ( Again, thank you, Seventh Generation. )

This second event resulted in her clothes being covered in poop, and me running to the grocery store next door with Rosanna to buy something, anything other than Seventh Generation diapers. Then when I got back outside, we had to strip her completely naked on the sidewalk so I could wipe her down with baby wipes and then put a new diaper and a new outfit on her, since there wasn't a changing table in the restaurant and I wasn't about to change this one at the table. Uh, no.

So, because of those two incidents, I'm done with Seventh Generation, which is unfortunate since they worked well for us when Elanor was younger. It's also unfortunate because at Fred Meyer right now, they are on sale for $7 per pack. Yes, that's right -- $7. It's a great deal...but not if they inspire huge blowouts.

Anyway, some of you might be thinking, "Why doesn't she just use Huggies or something?" Well, I don't want to use so-called normal diapers, the kind with all the chemicals/dyes/scents. I know. Call me crazy, or fanatic, or whatever, but I just don't. For one thing, they don't decompose for a very long time. For another, Elanor tends to get rashy when we use them. So we don't. Am I being stubborn? Maybe a little, but given our other crazy environmentally-friendly tendencies, are you surprised? Probably not.

Since Seventh Generation has failed us so epically multiple times now, I had to find an alternative. I bought Tushies that day on Bainbridge Island, which were just ok. I didn't love them, and although we didn't have an epic blowout, that's only because Elanor didn't poop while wearing them, and not because they work any better. I think they'd probably be about the same as Seventh Gen, honestly.

I finally just bit the bullet and invested the money in the gDiapers starter kit, since we were almost out of the Tushies anyway. And let me tell you, gDiapers = awesome.

I put her in one when we got home yesterday, just to try it. I went to change it a couple hours later, and, much to my surprise, she had pooped. And there was no epic blowout -- the poop was contained!


Granted, the cover was dirty and I had to wash it, but that's par for the course. I usually have to wash our cloth covers, too, after a poop, so it's not a big deal to me.

The liner even flushed exactly like it's supposed to, despite the fact that our plumbing is old and somewhat crappy.

Plus, the covers are seriously cute, and they are nice and trim like normal disposables, so if she has an outfit where her cloth diaper is too big, the gDiapers will still work.

I'm just thrilled that they've worked out so well, and that I seem to have found an environmentally-friendly pseudo-disposable that works well for us and will make traveling a lot easier.

Coming later this week...a favorite (easy, cheap, healthy) recipe of mine, a good-bad-ugly post, the week in review, and a follow-up to this post. Yeah, I know I'm being ambitious, advertising four upcoming posts in a week, but you never know; I might actually be able to make that happen.


Sara in Seattle said...

I've heard about gdiapers, but I don't really understand them, I guess. Does just the inner portion get disposed of?

On the cloth diaper front, I am currently in love with Thirsties Fab Fitted diapers. Got a bunch super-cheap on diaperswappers. Woohoo!

Xin Lei said...

I'm glad you liked the gdiaper...I bought the kit this past summer...took one look at it and knew it wouldn't work for me. Perhaps when DiDi is a little older, but for now, I'm just sticking with regular diapers. I don't think you're being overly environmentally conscious...we all have certain things we really care about and yours is important! Glad the diaper dilemna has been solved :). Looking forward to reading you more often...yours is my favorite blog :).

Kris said...

I like the idea of the gdiapers, but they seem really expensive. Kudos to you for doing something wonderful for the environment. I guess I'm filling up landfills with the 500 year kind :( mainly because they are cheap.

Kathryn said...

Dear Kathleen,

As you well know, I am not a mama ("not the mama ... not the mama!") ... but I still appreciated your blog. I've dealt with a few experiences like that with my nieces many years ago. My one question is, when you said that your plumbing was "crappy" ... was that pun intentional?!?

Kathryn :-)

Kristin said...

Kris - I just have to say that disposables are not cheap....over the course of the baby's diaper habit they cost hundreds if not a couple thousand dollars more than investing in cloth diapers at the beginning.

And Kathleen, what cloth diapers do you use? A lot of people love the Fuzzi Bunz diapers, Bumkins, and pocket diapers. So many choices! Yes, I know I'm biased cause my mom's had a cloth diaper business for 20 years. I just really believe in that stuff and I'm sooo glad you use them!

By the way, yes send me some vegetarian recipes:

Isabel said...

Oh man, I'm so excited that you guys have been using the gdiapers and having good results with them.

We love them at our house. And yes, the outers are super cute. (We just have the cream one and a few oranges ones.)

In response to the comments...

While the outers do cost a little bit of $$ upfront, the insets are *that* terrible. Especially if you use the coupons they always mail out (like we do).

We also don't use them exclusively. Babboo couldn't use them at daycare (the daycare didn't want to mess with them and I guess I appreciate that). And now...well, now the kid is almost potty trained. So yeah, that cuts down on the cost! :-)

Good luck, Leen, and keep us posted.