Thursday, October 16, 2008

week in review, 10/15/08 (a day late)

Sorry this is a day late; things have been busy in our house this week!

Friday: We had to give Elanor a bath in the kitchen sink because we were in the middle of re-painting and re-caulking the bathroom, so we couldn't use the bathtub all weekend.

Saturday: We dog-sat our friend Kim's dog, Fipo. He was really sweet and patient with Elanor, and she loved playing with him.

Sunday: Hanging out on the couch before I got her dressed for church. She loves to nom on Papa's deodorant container...go figure.

Monday: An impromptu early-morning photo shoot while she was playing in the living room. She seems to be thinking, "Huh. I have a hand. That's cool."

Tuesday: Official nine-month photo. She was not pleased. She was already overtired, and I couldn't get a good picture so I kept trying, which (clearly) did not make her happy.

Wednesday: Just playing around with Photobooth on my computer. I sound like a total dork. Heh.

Tomorrow morning, my eight-year-old nephew Zachary is coming to visit for the weekend, and then he and I and Elanor are taking the train back to Portland on Sunday night. Elanor and I will spend the week down there and then Brett will join us for the weekend. I am taking my computer to Portland with me so hopefully I'll have a chance to post while I'm there!


Xin Lei said...

i love the little's so sweet :). hope you have a wonderful time at home!

Kris said...

very cute video!

Anonymous said...

OH I love the video!!! please please call e while you guys are here, i have tues off and would love to hang with you ladies. also you have to come try out my restaurant!!!! YOU will love it!!! so call me! i know you have my # and I have yours too, thats right the phone works both ways, I'll talk to you soon.
love you, squeeze Brett and Elanor for me!!! and squeeze yourself too!!